Posted by: thescoundrel | June 4, 2009

Obama Echoes POTUS’ Past – USA Not at War with Islam

Will the Message Finally Get Through?

Media created Pope Obama made his much anticipated and media ballyhooed speech to the Islamic Nations of the Middle East. The message was a good message, reminding the people of Islamic nations that the United States of America was not interested in bombing the Middle East nations back to Jurassic Age. Plus he touched on the need for a two-state solution for the Israel and Palestine conflict. He also touched on the need for improved women’s rights. The press has certified the speech as an historic moment. I do not know about that. The message was positive but basically a decades old repeat with an Obama spin of what US Presidents have been telling the Islamic Nations since I was old enough to read. The Obama spin is no better or no worse than his predecessor’s, George Bush and the numerous preceding POTUS, attempts to take their message to the Islamic nations that the only Middle East individuals we have a blood-feud with – are those that have declared a blood-feud with the USA. The message is still the same – that we may have differences but we would rather settle any differences with diplomats not bombs and blood. Of course those Radical Islamic Militants that work diligently to keep the blood-feud active between Islamic Nations and the USA were energetically doing their best to disrupt any attempts to bring about a peaceful solution to the Middle Eastern by continuing to paint the USA as the evil monster from the West.

Despite all the media hype- the Obama message is just another recreation of past USA pleas towards the Islamic Nations. The advantage is that many of the individuals in the Middle East are as enamored of Obama as the rest of the world. Though the attraction is based on a fantasy belief in the Obama False Prophet of Hope and Change image and not reality – it could play out well for the USA as long as they keep drinking the Obama Kool-Aid. And maybe, just maybe – the World can settle some of the terror-driven bloody dust flying around in the Middle East before they realize Obama is just a different face and is really no different in his Middle East approach than his predecessors.

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