Posted by: thescoundrel | June 10, 2009

Rev. Wright – Blame the Jews

In life friends and relatives often find ways to cause you to lose face and marginalize your successes by exposing your connecting links to the real world. Media selected President Barack Obama is no exception. His former pastor – Reverend Wright whose frequently racially laced Black Supremacist sermons Barack Obama mysteriously missed in over twenty years of attending the Reverends church- is once again making headlines for his “son”. It seems the good Reverend is unhappy that Obama cut formal ties with him during the election. But that is okay with the Reverend as he understands the public separation  is all a smoke and mirror show so that Obama could get elected President. And when Wright was asked if he had any regret for any of his bigoted  sermons that came back to haunt his “son” Obama during the election he replied -absolutely none!  And Wright says he understands the political process and that after the Obama presidency is history they will be back to the same relationship they had before. In the meantime Wright knew exactly whom to blame for his lack of access to Obama.  It seems that in a CNN article -according to Wright-  the Jews won’t let him talk to Obama! Who knew -other than Rev. Wright-  the problems with the Obama presidency 🙄 were just another set of Jewish plots!



  1. Holy cats, S—great minds think alike! I just did a post about this very thing—Wright blames the joooooz!

  2. And if a white preacher had said this people would be up in arms.

  3. Yeah QCEx hard to believe that the Jooooze are still the blame for all of the worlds problems. Perhaps even more ironic in a non funny way is that so many of those same Jooooz vote straight Democrat Party. Can you say Jesse Jackson and not remember his Hymie town remark?

    You are so correct Cruiser.

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