Posted by: thescoundrel | June 11, 2009

The Illogical Logic of Politics

The difference between being part of a private/business organization and being a political pawn was never more obvious than recently. When you are a part of a private/business organization if you embarrass the organization you face the wrath of the company. If you are an important pawn in the political reindeer games – the political spin-doctors will fight to the last breath to repair your sinking ship. About a month ago a Miss USA contestant, Carrie Prejean, made a statement that she disapproved of gay marriage. That is a similar sentiment held by the majority of the population of this country. Gay marriage proposals constantly take a beating in the voting booths. Still the media fueled by gay rights activists created a media blitz to disparage the beauty pageant contestant that has finally led to her dismissal as Miss California of the Miss USA pageant organization. Of course the head of the organization has come out saying that her dismissal was for other reasons. Of course it was. That is how corporations work. If they want to get rid of you over something you have done -that could cause them publicity or legal problems- they find another reason to get rid of you. Now the reason may or may not have caused you to be given the boot had they not been looking for a way to dismiss you. More often than not it is a previously known wild card an organization keeps in their back pocket when they want to defend a controversial dismissal. That is just the way the private sector works.

And while controversy can cost you a government position or appointment – the power play people inside the political parties keep people on hand to fix similar problems their nominees face. They have the money and the power to do so. And more often than not it works. If you look at President Obama’s numerous advisors that he has appointed many have real serious legal tax issues. The kind of issues that can get the common man tossed into jail. Yet despite all those legality issues faced by Obama appointees – several still managed to get through the approval process and start drawing fat government paychecks. And not just legal issues. Candidate Obama managed to secure his parties POTUS nomination despite spinning the facts about what he did or did not know about the many close friends and family members and their racist behavior. Face it only a political party zombie is going to believe that Barack Obama sat in a church over 20 years led by a man, Rev. Wright, whom preaches Black Supremacist bigotry and yet Obama claims he never heard the man spout his prejudice. Please! Since Wrights exposure,  Obama’s twenty-year life long mentor has taken a non-apologetic for his bigotry and in the last few days has continued displaying his bigotry by blaming “them Jews” for Obama distancing himself from the good reverend. But as Wright factually included in his statement – it is all just a political move by Obama and after the Obama presidency is over the two will once again be like father and son. I have no doubt that Wright is correct in that assumption. And in a situation more closely resembling the Miss California event – Barack Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court Sonia Sotomayor has been exposed as making bigoted, racist and sexist statements in her past. Yet the political spin-doctors have been busy shushing the controversy surrounding her statements. And those doctors are playing the race card to protect someone caught making racist statements. And it will work.  Now that is true entertainment. I guess what the Obama spin doctors are saying is that while in the private sector  it could cost a beauty queen her all powerful spokesman position when she makes a political statement – when a real political pawn, like Sotomayor, being nominated to hold one of the most important jobs in our governments judicial system, a job that will require her to make decisions often involving bigotry, makes a bigoted remark it should be overlooked. I suppose that passes as logic in an Obama presidency. If you can nominate a tax evader as head of the treasury why not nominate a bigot to the Supreme Court.



  1. Good post. I think a lot of us wish they run the government like a business. But as you say, in business there are repercussions for bad performance.

  2. I think that is why so many lawyers hide out in government. What better way to protect their crooked dealings than writing the very laws that determine their livelihood.

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