Posted by: thescoundrel | June 18, 2009

Revolution – To Be or Not To Be

I like much of the rest of the World have been observing what actual citizen/government conflict content surrounding the latest Iranian election that makes it out Iran. There seems to be a general excitement around the free societies of the World that there will be big change in how the Iranian government will actually operate. Maybe, maybe not. Even considering the slight prospects that the reelection of Iranian President Ahmadinejad is overturned by the massive protests, will it have much effect on the real Iranian Government? I am guessing that it would have some effect but for the most part the government will still be controlled by non elected officials. The clueless disturbing face of Ahmadinejad may disappear as the talking head of the unelected government theocracy, but the way political system works his successor will still have had to make it through the vetting process required -by the political power brokers- to be considered as a candidate for a political office. We do the same thing here in the US. Unless you are a Democrat or a Republican your chance of ever being President of the United States are basically ZILCH! And to be considered by either party as the potential POTUS representative in a National Election – you must first jump through all the hoops each party sets up as the vetting process to receive the party ordainment as a possible candidate. If you do not kiss up to all the right people in all the right places, while making all the right political promises – you AIN’T gonna get on the party ballot. Each Party decides who can run and the voters get to choose in our Primary elections from the party-selected puppets. In politics change is a word championed by many but controlled by few. And real change is rare. Take a look at the last US election where the lemmings in this country bought into the media ordained POTUS Obama message of change and hope – and elected what has become just another in a long line of False Prophets of Change and Hope. It was inevitable. You cannot change a system that requires you to knell before it in order to be accepted to play in their reindeer games. So while I expect to see some change over all with the Iranian government, after the dust settles – the political games will still be played by the real power brokers standing behind the stages pulling the marionette strings and they will still direct the country.  And perhaps I am coming across as the cynical and despondent Peter Finch character –Howard Beale- from the movie Network. But the facts are the Iranian people are figuratively and literally holding their heads out of their windows screaming for change at the top of their lungs. And like the Howard Beale character they are saying  – I am as mad as hell and I am not going to take this anymore – except they are living in a real and dangerous situation where their government has no problem classifying them as an anarchist and then lopping off his or her head for the same reason. The real problem whether calling for change in a country like Iran or a country like the US – the only real change comes when the mindless humanoids awaken from their slumber and oust both the marionettes dancing out their plays on the stage plus the puppet-masters hidden behind the stages pulling the strings of their puppets. Until then all you get are remakes of the same theatrical productions. And while the question on the Worlds tongues are, Revolution – to be or not to be.  My guess is not to be as real revolution is more bloody than the modern world has the ability to tolerate.



  1. Anyone who supports Obama’s doctrine and claims to be a Christian, Muslim or Jew is a heritic.

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