Posted by: thescoundrel | July 4, 2009

Independence Day – Year 2009

Today is the Fourth of July. For those of us in the United States of America it is a day of festivities and celebration about our Declaration of Independence from the rule of Great Britain in the year of 1776. The decision to separate did not come without great cost. What started out as thirteen colonies revolting against the rule of Great Britain -over what colonists considered unfair taxation, questionable laws and legislation and a lack of individual rights and representation under British rule- eventually expanded into a global warfare before its finish. In eight years of war it is estimated that roughly 25,000 American Soldiers died. Some died directly from battle. Others died indirectly from battle and/or disease. It is also estimated that as high as another 25, 000 were seriously injured and disabled throughout the war.

In the year 2009 we have expanded from the original thirteen colonies to become a nation of 50 states.  Rules of governing and individual rights may vary depending on community, state and federal laws and regulations. It has been a long two hundred year-plus road since our declaration of independence from the British Empire. And the once fledgling USA is now a superpower among the worlds nations! Furthermore we are still grumbling and fighting amongst ourselves over taxes, questionable laws, individual rights and a lack of government representation! We have survived another day and another year and the American Revolution lives on!

Happy Birthday to My Fellow Citizens of the United States of America!



  1. Thanks for the insightful post, hope you have a great 4th also.

  2. Thanks Cruiser. I hope your was a good holiday.

  3. i hope you had a good fourth of july! 🙂

  4. Thanks Sulz. I am no longer a fireworks person. I can not handle the explosive noise. I usually spend the days encompassing the holiday trying to protect my dog from the noise as she does not handle loud noises well at all. I did catch some of the fireworks on television but it is not as spectacular as watching them in person. I did manage to spend some time with my family. It is good to hear from you 🙂 . I am afraid that I have not had much time to spend online as usual and have been ignoring my blog and visiting other locations. 😦 Life keeps plodding along- whether I or anyone else are ready or not! 😉

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