Posted by: thescoundrel | July 7, 2009

Obama and the OAS – Kneel Before Us Hondurans

Media selected US Prez Barack Obama, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and the Organization of American States (OAS) have decided to attempt to rule the Honduras by proxy. According to them and much of the media, the recent removal of the sitting Honduran President was a military coup. As such they have decided to pressure the country of Honduras by excluding the country from playing in any North American/South American reindeer games unless they reinstate former President Zelaya. Yet according to a recent article by former Honduran presidential adviser Octavio Sánchez, that does not seem to be getting much play from the busy-brownnosing-Obama media, the Military was just doing what the elected government and the Honduran constitution required. According to Mr. Sánchez – Article 239 of the Honduran Constitution states that:

“No citizen who has already served as head of the Executive Branch can be President or Vice-President. Whoever violates this law or proposes its reform [emphasis added], as well as those that support such violation directly or indirectly, will immediately cease in their functions and will be unable to hold any public office for a period of 10 years.”

According to Mr. Sánchez that rule was the reason why “their” Supreme Court and “their” attorney General ordered Zelaya arrested and removed from office. Then “their” military moved him out of State so that the Honduran Congress could convene and officially replace Zelaya for breaking article 239. That reads out fairly cut and dry to me. In fact if anyone was attempting a coup it sounds more like Zelaya. It could be assumed he was trying to subvert the Honduran law and seize power through his actions.

So what is the Obama-Chavez-OAS beef with the actions of the Honduran Government in the removal of Zelaya? It sounds as if Obama and the OAS want to run the Honduran Government for the Honduran people. I would also assume that Mr. Sánchez and the Honduran Congress have a better understanding of the Honduran Constitution than Barack Obama and the OAS. It would seem that the Honduran Government followed the Honduran Constitutional Rules in the removal of Zelaya. Yet Obama and the OAS seem to be attempting to obstruct and subjugate the Honduran Government and Honduran laws. So the question must be asked- why are Barack Obama, Hugo Chavez and the OAS meddling and attempting to govern the democratically elected government of the Honduras?

Perhaps the real Honduran coup attempt is being attempted by Obama, Chavez and the OAS! Perhaps the numerous conspiracy theorists are not so far off when they talk of a future Obama attempt to become permanent president of the USA! Perhaps the Honduran situation just a trial run for Obama and his Socialist followers. It sure gives one cause to wonder!



  1. After only 5 months, Obama has shown a remarkable ability to back the wrong horse when it comes to foreign affairs.

    1. He refused to back the Iranian opposition until he finally caved under pressure—too little, too late.

    2. He backed the Honduran thug against the legitimate government move to remove him

    3. He is only “deeply concerned” about the riots and killings in western China

    4. etc.

    All this reminds me of what went down during the campaign. For those like me, who were sorta, kinda attracted to Obama, but had serious doubts about his experience level, his minions told us that experience didn’t matter, judgment did and he demonstrated his “judgment” by making an anti-war speech before an anti-war crowd in a blue city in the blue state.

    His minions also promised us that Obama would surround himself with the best and the brightest to advise him on all issues.

    I guess that didn’t work out, just like his superior judgment thing.

    It’s also obvious that hopenchange hasn’t reach the State Department or the intelligence agencies yet—they are still as dysfunctional as they were during the dreaded Bush regime.

    Just don’t get me started on his domestic policies. . . 🙂

  2. Intelligence does not always translate in to wisdom. If it did, I have a former friend that would have been King of the World instead of staying one jump ahead of prison residence.

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