Posted by: thescoundrel | July 10, 2009

Pot Thy Name is Kettle Black

Senator Arlen Specter has called fellow rival Democrat Joe Sestak a flagrant hypocrite that conveniently registered as a Democrat just in time to run for Congress. 😆 Please do not make me projectile vomit Senator Specter! According to the CNN article about the subject – Sestak registered from an Independent to a Democrat in 2006. Hmm at least Sestak beats Specter in seniority as a member of the Democrat Party by almost three years, since Specter was a Republican up to this year.  And granted Specter was a RHINO but he only switched parties to stave off a probable Republican primary loss if he stayed a Republican.  Same Old-Same Old Politics as Usual! Senator Specter you are the pot calling the kettle black!!!



  1. Sometimes I think these jokers should pay us for putting up with their antics instead of getting paid while pulling them.

  2. Yeah no need to send in the clowns – they are all holding political office.

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