Posted by: thescoundrel | July 13, 2009

The Logic of Crystal Ball Illusions

Move over Florida’s hanging chads! Now the City of Rock Island, Illinois has a voting dilemma to call its very own. And while whomever eventually becomes the ruling Mayor of Rock Island, Illinois will not be as exciting as the struggle of becoming POTUS, the controversy is certainly indicative of election problems that can appear when an election vote total is in question. In an election marred by voting errors the final decision about who will be Mayor of Rock Island will come down to chance as a name will be drawn by lot. This end process is due to a judge’s decision that he has the omnipotence to determine the intent of two voter ballots that are very similar in confusing appearance. He determined that one ballot was spoiled and the other worthy of a vote for Levin. Yet neither ballot offers a clear vote for either candidate. I totally agree with candidate Pauley’s assumption that there is no clear evidence to make a final determination upon whom the voters wanted to give their vote for. In my estimation both ballots upon which the judge made his final decision on were spoiled. So why would the judge count one vote and toss the other? Since we are dealing with assumptions we clearly need a Ouija Board to understand the crystal-ball reasoning ability behind the judges decision. And my Ouija Board suggested three words. Hot Potato – Punt. Clearly, the Ouija Board is telling me that the voting decision has become so inflammatory that the judge has decided to avoid making a decision for either candidate and by making the final vote a tie, he can pass on the final decision to an obscure rule that allows a tie vote to be decided by chance. But then maybe – my assumption of the Ouija Board reading was incorrect and just an illusion. Perhaps my  Ouija board is just hungry for a Hungry Hobo Hot Baked Potato and anxious for the start of the Bears football season. I guess that is the problem when you rely on crystal-ball logic.


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