Posted by: thescoundrel | July 21, 2009

The Palin Product – Political Class Warfare

There is a lawyers confrontation scheme that is often used to bully in lawsuits where one of the individuals is incapable of sustaining a long-term legal defense against the other side. Lawyers are not shy of throwing the challenge at an individual when they know they have the other side in a financial bind. The lawyer phrase usage goes something like this – “you may win this case but you lack the resources for an extensive fight. And we will drag you back into court for as long as we can (while inferring they will bankrupt you). Settle and surrender to our terms.” That is the current tactic being used by political pawns (mostly of the elite power brokers in the Democrat Party) against former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

Every since last years Republican Vice Presidential nominee, Sarah Palin, was placed on the ticket – there has been an overabundance of attempted personal attacks on her and her family. Accusers have been throwing accusation after accusation in attempts to disparage her character. Like it or not, that is actually part of the territory that comes with modern politics. The problem with the attacks on Palin is that they seem pointed at creating an overload of defensive legal costs for the former candidate. Plus unlike under normal personal attack circumstances on politicians – the normal Party warriors and Spin Masters (usually financed by elite powebrokers of the Republican Party) have not been offering Palin much of a defensive shield. Now I am sure there are many anti Palin people giddy at the thoughts of bankrupting the Governor of Alaska, who has the boldness to actually challenge status quo in the Two-Party System on the Republican side. (I was not a Ron Paul supporter – but the same types of attacks were aimed at the man during his run.) The real problem is that most of the Palin attackers are just doing the actual dirty work of the two-party political power mongers behind the Palin attacks. But the real concern behind the Palin attacks are the people who control Washington and want everyone who climbs the political ladders to owe those power brokers homage. Those power brokers want individuals that preach reform but stay firmly knelt before the shakers and movers. They do not allow politicans to climb the success ladder that do not submit to their authority. We may never get to know whether Sarah Palin would have been a true reformist on a National arena as she was championed to be on a State level. And that is what these Palin attacks are all about.

These attacks are to tell Sarah Palin she should stay in her place and not challenge the national authority power structure in the next election.  They are to tell her – kiss our rings if you want to play in the political games. They are attacks not just on Palin but any politcal wannabe whom does not have the financial ability to be a “true political independent mind” in a two-part system. They are attacks to tell Palin, and future politcian wannabes,  you may be popular with the “little people” but we make the rules that determine who holds the power and control the process. They are attacks to tell Palin, or anyone else that challenges their power structure, you must kneel before our majesty if you wish to play in our reindeer games. They are attacks to remind those of us that would like to see real reform – not just lip service- that we lack the resources to challenge them head on. They are attacks that should remind all of us- Democrat, Independent, Libertarian, Republican etc.- that the Washington DC  power brokers will not give up their hold on Washington Politicians without a difficult fight.



  1. It sure looks like somebody is afraid of her. Must be all those in office now who couldn’t tell the truth if their life
    depended on it.

  2. The charge against her legal defense fund—which she didn’t authorize and doesn’t take money from, has been batted down, but as you say, there are more from where that came from.

    Yesterday (I think) some loon writing in Salon stated that Palin can never be POTUS because she is a member of a organization that promotes the 10th Amendment. Only a brain-dead liberal would believe a POTUS can’t be for state’s rights and must be for centralized government. Sheesh!

    So today, I see there is some poll out there that claims Palin is losing ground as she gets closer to her exit date this Sunday. The poll says she isn’t sufficient schooled in “the issues”. Holy cats—how could she be less schooled in the “issues” than Obama was four years ago? Double Sheesh!

    It’s no wonder she wants to flee all this idiocy—I just hope she can do it.

  3. I agree cruiser.

    The problem for Palin is they keep running out charges that keep running up legal bills she will have trouble paying. In the meantime they get the Obama media disciples to run hatchet jobs. It is a two prong attack. And as I said in the post you do not see the normal shields being offered prospects by the spin doctors of the Republican party. This is political spanking, coming from the puppetmasters inside the two-party system, similar to what Melon and Schweibert received for running against Philobluster here in the 17th district.

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