Posted by: thescoundrel | July 24, 2009

The Fools on The Hill

Regions control the deer population by setting dates where it is legal for hunters to kill/harvest the animals. One of the tricks hunters use to lure deer into traps, where they can be easily found and killed, is depositing salt licks to draw the deer into the area the hunter has staked out. Salt is a mineral that all animals need to sustain life and when the hunter deposits a salt lick near a used trail it will naturally draw the deer into the hunting zone where it has been staked.

In many ways the New Health Care Reform plan that President Obama is pushing is like that salt lick. Obama and the Congress are dangling the health care reform at a cost. They want to start making the decisions on who lives and who dies. Like the hunter they are dropping health care reform on the path in hopes of attracting enough support that citizens will stop and take the bait. And while they package the Healthcare reform up in a pretty package with a bow it will be lined with clauses where they form committees that gets to choose your healthcare instead of your chosen doctor getting to decide what is the best course of action. The health care reform is actually a Trojan horse. Just like Left-Wing Supreme Court Justice Ginsberg let slip about the dark eugenic reasoning by the nobles when it comes to abortion – the Obama healthcare reform is another eugenic program designed to weed out less desirables. Not only does Obama and the Congress want to take medical decisions out of the hands of your physician, as QCExaminer pointed out on her blog they have created inside the reform a mandatory “dying with dignity” program. More eugenics. Why should the government pay for medical treatment for the unwanted, disabled and debilitated when they can force a doctor to brainwash them into some form of legal or illegal suicide. And if the patients are incapable of making that decision then it is inevitable that Obama and the Congress will setup another board to make the decision for each individual.

I -like many of the other citizens of this country- have witnessed both the positive and the negatives of our current health care system – up close and personal while helping to deal with family medical treatment. But both the current business sector and government operated divisions of Medical Health Care – have serious flaws that create vast deadly tar pits, which place patients in peril. Which is why one of my constant rants since the health care reform push started is, though I want to see real health care reform, I have no desire to have a health care system that is owned, operated and managed by the government. I, like many other citizens/voters would love to see health care reform. But the end results question appears – at what cost? There is financial cost of course.  That will be a factor no matter what, if any, kind of reform is passed. As was discussed over on Cruisers blog, there will be divisions on how much money is spent and if where it is spent is acceptable. The darkest side of the Obama health care reform is not in the financial arena.  The darkest side is with a government owned, operated and managed system becomes a case of the fox guarding the hen house. The govenment taking over our personal lives, habits and choosing the treatments we recieve instead of our physicians. As much harm as good will come out of that type of system. We do not even have a bill passed and already many of our elected servants sitting in Capitol Hill have continued to earn themselves worthy of the title “Fools on the Hill”. Both the Executive Branch -Barack Obama- and a large amount of the Legislative Branch –the House and Senate- are rushing to pass legislation that none of them have read. Worse yet, none of those with the hots to pass this legislation can even talk plainly and with intelligence about the legislation because they have not even bothered to finish writing the final product. You have to ask the question – why are they rushing to pass legislation they have not read and is not even close to a final product? The reason for the rush to pass this health care legislation is simply political. Obama has made a campaign promise to pass health care reform and plans to pass a bill even if it is a bad plan. Obama’s problem is he has run into a wall of bipartisan rejection of his rush to hang a campaign promise trophy above his fireplace mantel. And now Obama has started to campaign and push his health care reform through his disciples in the media. But the closer we examine the parts of the health care reform that has been written, the reform packages are starting to reveal some of the darkside eugenics behind the Obama/Pelosi/Reid/Congress rush to pass Government Operated Health Care Legislation. They want to decide who lives and who dies. And I can guarantee you that all their friends and family are on a protected list. The rest of us will be on the lower end of the food chain.



  1. I like your slant on the issue. It is scary to me that the government can tell us private citizens who is worthy of
    treatment and who should just go home to die. If they
    all think it’s so great they should all be required to have
    the same insurance as everyone else.

  2. Thanks for the link—as usual you have exposed an inconvenient truth about who gets sent to the LaBrea tarpits and who doesn’t.

  3. Thanks Cruiser & QCExaminer. You know I do not think people are thinking out very far with this Obama health care plan. When they think of destructive health care behaviors they start thinking wow a chance to bash smokers. I am sure it is but there are many more personal bad behaviors and genetic dispositions that can lead down a road of destructive behaviors. And an even worse thing about a policy aimed at people with bad habits is that what is determined to be a bad habit can reach its legislative tendrils into many life choices. How long before they start requiring doctors to report bad health behaviors back to the government? How long before they say hey this family has a genetic disorder that costs the policy too much money – bar them and any children. Or another person has destructive sexual habits that leads to increased chance of STDs. The list can go on and on. This health care plan is just Big Brother Government in it’s earliest stages.

  4. This post was actually two different posts edited down. One of the items I did not discuss in the final draft was the hypocrisy of the leftwing “Invasion of Privacy” whiners during the Bush chasing terrorists that are now pushing this healthcare monstrosity. These plan will end up being one the biggest government invasions of personal privacy legislations ever promoted. All from the same power playing legislators that were publicly whacking on Bush -for listening to terrorist phone calls. 🙄

  5. […] by comparing it to a rosy picture of Medicare he seems to have formed. I have repeatedly stated my objections to the current push to socialize and create a Government owned/operated healthcare sy…while also stating my very unfavorable evaluation of the governments operations of Medicare/Medicaid […]

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