Posted by: thescoundrel | July 27, 2009

Joe Biden Foot-in-Mouth Disease Continues

Ever since Sarah Palin was announced as John McCain’s VP nominee choice for the 2008 election, detractors harangued her. They called her too inexperienced and often painted her as a ditzy beauty queen. Heck they are so afraid she will gain a foothold for the 2012 POTUS election they are still trying to paint her as the Saturday Night Live Character portrayed by Tina Fey instead of the rebel fight-the-crony system Governor of Alaska that she was. The anti-Palin forces were always quick to point out VP candidate Joe Biden’s many years in politics and how his presence would balance out his inexperienced POTUS candidate/partner especially in foreign relations.

Considering the continued hatchet job by the Palin haters, we may never know how well or badly  Sarah Palin would have been in the White House. But starting early in the Obama/Biden campaign we already knew how wrong the Biden champions were about Biden making the Obama/Biden ticket stronger with his presence. Biden has had diarrhea of the mouth ever since his original selection. He does not seem he can open his mouth without sticking his foot inside. His most recent diarrhea of the mouth has Secretary of State Hillary Clinton doing clean-up work for the Obama administration. It seems that Biden could not resist doing a foreign policy interview without finding a way to insult the Russians. So much so that his insulting statement made front-page news across the country of Russia. At Biden’s current rate of foot-in-mouth disease he may be able to insult every major player in US foreign affairs before the end of the Obama/Biden second year anniversary. It makes you wonder if he will be asked back for a second run for the office when Obama runs in 2012! Of course if the Biden foot-in-mouth disease continues at the current pace – Obama might not wait until the 2012 election before he finds a way to rid himself of the foreign policy expertise of Biden on his Presidential ticket.

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