Posted by: thescoundrel | July 27, 2009

Surrendering the Right of Privacy

I was reading an article on CNN by Julian Zelizer commenting on healthcare reform by comparing it to a rosy picture of Medicare he seems to have formed. I have repeatedly stated my objections to the current push to socialize and create a Government owned/operated healthcare system while also stating my very unfavorable evaluation of the governments operations of Medicare/Medicaid in several previous posts here and at other blogs. Instead, today I am pondering something else said by Zelizer that speaks towards the hypocrisy of the far leftwings screaming for a total government takeover and basically socialization of the healthcare industry.

I have not read many of Mr. Zelizer’s articles so I am unsure of his overall political leanings but after reading his article titled “Why be afraid of Government”, I must assume he slept though the Bush presidency. The reason I say this is that for the last several years I have heard the non-stop chanting mantra of the far left loony Bush Deranged squads screaming at the top of their lungs — that the Right-to-Privacy World was coming to an end because George Bush was running a government sponsored wire tapping program. According to them the fact that the Bush presidency was checking and listening to phone calls made to regions that were safe harbors for terrorists out to destroy our country was an invasion of privacy. Now those same people are leading the charge to force everyone to into a government operated/owned healthcare system. A system where government will have complete access to every bit of personal and private information needed to diagnose every individual’s health. There will be no personal privacy or rights from government intrusion. A government system that will then have a right to pull and examine those documents at will when funding or operating procedures come in question. And a government that has never been good at keeping private information –private and out of the press- will run the system. It will be ran by a government that has long been filled with people unafraid to pull and use private citizens information for personal and political gain. The hypocrisy of those Bush Deranged individuals leading the charge for a Government Operated Socialized Health Care System, whom were formerly worried that someone in government might accidentally overhear a private telephone conversation – yet -are now ready to surrender every bit of private and medical information to the control of that same government system, is beyond any form of rational thinking.



  1. It’s not just the right of privacy we’ll lose if this abomination passes.

    A post at Dinocrat goes through the first 500 pages of HR3200 and lists the atrocities, among them

    1. an admission that rationing will happen

    2. major sops and $$$$ to ACORN

    3. federal direct access to all bank accounts

    4. government to set wages for doctors, and this little jewel on page 203,

    5. “The tax imposed under this section shall not be treated as a tax.”

    What a hoot!

    I’d say you can’t make this stuff up, but unfortunately, it’s all too common.

    There’s lots more at the link and I think now that all this is getting out in the public domain, Dems are dialing back their leftwing wackiness and the centrists in the Senate are taking over—-at least let’s hope.

    I can’t wait until Hare re-appears in the 17th—we’ll be ready for him cuz he’s got some ‘splainin’ to do.

    Or maybe one of his liberal fat cat donors will arrange a month-long vacation for him to be out of the country—like he was on Tea Party Day!

  2. I do not want to see the government screw up the whole health care system any more than it already is especially when you consider how bad they have messed up Medicare and Medicaid.

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