Posted by: thescoundrel | July 28, 2009

theScoundrel’s Yard is Invaded

No Film At 11:00!

TheScoundrel has officially declared war on invading garden beetles. My garden, which has been producing cucumbers in mass quantities, last week, was the victim of an overnight sneak attack from beetles. The normal defense parameter failed as the beetles stripped the leaves off of a good chunk of my vegetable garden. It was determined some new defensive actions must be taken to repel the attackers in an effort to protect the whole vegetable garden. The multitude of the beetle antagonists determined that the problem only seemed solvable by weapons of mass destruction. A trip to the garden store saw theScoundrel’s meager garden budget, investing in Bag-a-Bug weaponry. According to information presented by the weapons manufacturer each individual bug killer should eradicate around 4,000 adversaries. The counter attack on the beetle aggressors has seen four fully packed bags disposed of, to date, with a new round of weapons dispersed on the battle front. The colorful bags full of squirming bugs also seem to entertain the beast. Raise the “Don’t tread on me flag” and time to shout volleys of death to the beetle invaders.



  1. God Speed Garden Warrior/Scoundrel!

    The Japanese Beetle infestation is out of control here in Northeast Ohio and I have yet to have a rose fully bloom before being destroyed by the enemy.

    Have sworn off the beetle bags as they seem to make things worse.

    Have decided to go thermonuclear and hit them with the sevin dust. Initial results positive, until the rain comes and washes the dust away. (sigh)

    Best of Luck

  2. just squish ’em with your fingers — I’ve found it works better than poison

  3. S, you certainly are kinder, gentler and more humane toward this plague of beetles than we are; we just blast the heck out of ’em with Raid!

    I say treating these pests like prisoners at Gitmo, won’t work—give ’em the Agent Orange treatment. 😀

  4. Thanks everyone we are doing the best to slow the invasion down. They hit my roses first, several weeks ago. We sprayed and powdered and assumed them under control. But the assumption proved wrong after the attack on the garden. We have tried sprays, powders and just about everything when it comes to theses darn beetles (one year I was so frustrated I pulled out the shop vac and started sucking inside the vacuum bags) but none of them seem to have made the dent in the beetle population as these bag-a-bugs. Supposedly the bags hold 4000 of the critters. I would be surprised if their were not even more of them in each bag. I am not sure that they are a kinder more gentler way of solving the problem but they work. My guess is they are not very kind or gentle. They are equal opportunity death machines. They have some kind of bait that attracts both female and male beetles. It is amazing the bags get full and they still fight to get inside the bag traps! I was told by one individual that the bag also kind of uses the heat from the sun to fry the critters. I cannot say for sure but I do know they are the most effective method of killing off these blasted Japanese Beetles. If the estimates are true I am probably well over 16,000 slaughtered and counting! Huh that almost twice the size of Silvis! I must be drawing bugs from miles around. Maybe the city should give me an award!

  5. Are the beetles also attacking certain trees and making the leaves turn brown? I’ve noticed them all over town.

  6. I do not have trees to attack but they are attacking other foliage in my yard.

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