Posted by: thescoundrel | July 30, 2009

Hope and Change Hope and Change Hope and Change

Throughout the 2008 elections the Obama/Biden disciple mantras were to follow our spiritual guides because they are wise. We are now ending month seven of the 2009 and both candidates’ actions continue to dispel the “they are wise mantra”. Biden has went from location to location making a chump out of himself and the US, his latest being an attempt to flare up hostilities with Russia. The GW Bush faux pauxs pale when compared to Biden, and he has barely been VP for six months. Obama has not performed much better. His performance continues to mirror Chicago Thug Style Politics. He had a good mentor in the Richard Daley Machine. Instead of intelligence, Obama has set his attack-dog bishops, Pelosi/Emanuel/weak-sister-Reid loose to whip everyone in line and to force everyone to kneel before the Obama totem, while Obama sits in the Oval Office and dispels criticism of his methods with his boyish charm. He has yet to offer the US any of his proclaimed wisdom, just his expectations of our total worship of his Socialist Agenda.

With Biden becoming the court jester, Obama’s approval ratings still slipping and his latest legislative monstrosity –A Socialized Takeover of the Health Care Industry meeting considerable resistance-  Pope Obama has decided to return to what got him elected. A Kristi Kreck article on CNN states – Obama is using a dose of Homecoming king to get his message out. Basically that means the Obama weapon in the fight to force his Socialist Agenda down the throats of US Citizens is charm and subservience – choosing to pass on wisdom and logic. Not that he has displayed either to this date. Nope Obama has returned to the “hope and change” rhetoric that got him elected. He has returned to what he understands à If you lack the ability to win them with brilliance dazzle them with bullshit. It probably will work. It is how he got elected after all. Everybody forget reality and instead repeat after me the vacant Obama Mantra for the mindless:

Hope and Change. Hope and Change. Hope and change. Wow – don’t we all feel better! Whew. Are we now all good little Socialists since we are now one step closer to becoming Avatars in the Obama Socialist Theocracy!


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