Posted by: thescoundrel | July 30, 2009

theScoundrel Takes the Rorschach Test

It seems that many in the Gold-Laden Pompous Psychology Industry have become upset as an insider released the ten basic Rorschach images and the top patient replies on Wikipedia. I suppose I could use the building controversy to go on a rant about the smoke-and-mirror shrink industry that I consider mostly a pseudo science, that wants to become the next God, but I won’t. Instead I have decided to take the test myself and analyze the results. The following are my Rorschach Answers to the images presented at the Wikipedia link–>

  1. Fenrir or my last hip x-ray
  2. The makeup left on my white towel by my last date
  3. A stripper that outgrew her costume (might have been my last date) or a powder puff girl sketch
  4. Transformers – robots in disguise
  5. A moth or maybe Commissioner Gordon needs to clean the bat signal
  6. A space ship prop from some B-movie of the fifties or sixties
  7. An inside look of Al Gore’s  skull when M.D.’s performed his lobotomy at the request of the Bill Clinton Administration
  8. Bozo the Clowns head from the backside
  9. Monty Burns of The Simpsons performing asexual reproduction
  10. The Red Skull doing a Jesse “The Body” Ventura imitation

After analyzing my results I have determined that theScoundrel is most likely an average and inconspicuous Zelig-like individual with both bizarre imagination and humor. The patient has a fondness for movies, old cartoons, comic books, science fiction novels, the Chicago Cubs, the Chicago Bears, consuming mass quantities of peanuts, munching down Moon Pies and Nutty Bars, guzzling Mountain Dew and chasing younger women. The individual is somewhat of an insomniac, which probably heightens his already antagonistic issues with authority figures, egotistical hallowed institutions, medical and mental health experts – plus he exhibits an extremely low tolerance for politicians, their disciples and their rhetoric. Which probably explains his complete distrust of their actions and motives. Wow – to think I got all that just analyzing my Rorschach answers! Whew, I guess I’m all-better now!


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