Posted by: thescoundrel | August 6, 2009

Sotomayor Newest Justice

In what should have been no surprise except the dense- the US Senate confirmed Barack Obama’s selection of Sonja Sotomayor to take up seat on the US Supreme Court. There was nothing about her record that screamed undeserving of selection, except some of her past bigoted statements. She is probably as deserving of the nomination as any other political nominee I have ever seen nominated. And really there was not enough opposing political punch to combat her without some really contemptible bench rulings by her. Plus there was more to be lost than gained in any major Republican vs. Democrat war over the selection. The selection just goes to prove what I have said about both political parties for years. There is no honor when it comes to selecting non-elected political appointments. Both the Democrats and the Republicans choose political appointees as political payoffs and/or selections that will help them setup their political agendas. This was just another in a long line of political payoffs and political pandering to beef up a sitting administrations image and standing with whomever  is owed payback. That should come as no surprise to any US voter that is not walking around in a media or political party induced comatose state of being.



  1. Some dimwit called this “a Jackie Robinson moment”—sheesh!

  2. If they are looking for a Jackie Robinson moment they need to go back to Clarence Thomas. Or even Colin Powell and Condi Rice as Secretary of States. Those were truly momentous moments. Sonja Sotomayor – not so much.

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