Posted by: thescoundrel | August 7, 2009

Phil Hare Strikes Out

Hank Aaron – Phil Hare ain’t! Heck he ain’t even good enough to be a Marv Throneberry. It has just been weeks since Philobluster proclaimed victory over big business through using his bully tactics to save local business Seaford. He used his position as a legislator in a Democrat controlled Congress to bully US banks in an effort to save the company from bankruptcy. Philobluster and his minions decreed Phil the homerun king of union workers around the region for his powerful managing of the situation. The glory stories surrounding Philobluster’s prowess claimed that not only had Phil saved Seaford from closing, but also after the deal he was managing, was finished – the shop would actually expand. Unfortunately for the 300 workers and the small company Philobluster was more Mighty Casey than Hank Aaron, as today Phil announced that he struck out instead of hitting that asserted homerun. Sadly, it seems that the company that bought out the parent company of Seaford did what many of us feared in our discussions would happen after the takeover – Seaford will get the ax and not be part of the takeover. And there will be no joy in QuadCityville tonight as full of bluster Phil Hare has struck out.


  1. The baseball analogy is apt. The 17th should trade for a new player.

  2. I wonder if there will be any blowback on Hare for this?

    He used the hapless workers at Seaford as a photo-op for self-aggrandizement, but now they look like fools for being so credulous.

    You’ll remember that Hare declared war on Wells Fargo and swore he would be their worst nightmare, but now he’s blaming Hartmarx instead for “gross mismanagement”. Before now Hartmarx was the shining example of US manufacturing, since even the sainted The Won wore their suits.

    The inconvenient truth is that Hare had very little power in this matter, but since he injected himself into this, let’s hope he gets some mud on him since it blew up in his face.

    One thing you can always count on from the Dems is since they can’t ever make a rational or cogent argument, they’ll ALWAYS find someone, or something else to blame.

    I’m suprised Hare didn’t Blame Bush ™!

  3. The 17th does need new blood but I would not expect to see much change. Even if their is an uprising against hare, who is going to take his place. Easy – another puppet owing his career to the RICO Politburo.

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  5. I’ve heard of a good candidate named Bobby Schilling who is running for Congress in the 17th. After reading his website, I was very impressed with his credentials. He’s a father of nine and a small business owner.

    Its time for some fresh blood not only in the 17th, but in the IL State legislature, Governor, halls of Congress, and the White House.


  6. Congressman Hare is the strongest Congressman in America. If he can’t stop these dirty business people who can? Philster is our hero and so is Lane Evans. For you to attack Phil for not saving these jobs is crazy. Philster would have kept these jobs if Bush wasn’t president.

    You can’t expect President Obama and Mr. hare to fix everything so fast. It takes a while to turn it around. Give Barack and Phil a chance or two.

    Nobody cares what you Republican lovers love. We are Phil Hare Democrats. The knid that work for you and your rich buddies.

  7. This guy is a riot. Not Phil, but Yetti. Give Barack and Phil a chance or two? I mean Phil has only been “working” for the 17th for 20 years and has overseen the 3 top job losses of our district of the past century. But yeah give him another chance. How many job losses is it going to take the people of the 17th to wake up? We are already surpassing 2,500 under Phil’s reign. What is it going to take? 3,000? 4,000? 8,436?

    No, no, no. Phil isn’t a riot. He is a failure. A failure who will never outlive Lane’s shadow. Which makes the story even more sad.

  8. Let me think…. Phil Hare, hmmm. ROFLMAO! It hurts my brain trying to find any way to associate Phil Hare with competence. 😆

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