Posted by: thescoundrel | August 8, 2009

Obama Continues His Socialist Puppet Show

Progressive Puppet Obama opens his mouth and out comes more messages hidden among smoke and mirrors. He keeps telling us what his new health care plans isn’t. Yet he has no real plan because Congress is writing all the rules. He is just singing and dancing to the tune his puppet masters play for him. He makes statements criticizing those whom object to his non-existent legislation that the Congress is in a rush to pass. He makes claim, contrary to his past stances, that he is not out to socialize medicine and control Americans health care access. He claims he just wants to reform health care. Noticeably in his speech he neglected to say he was not all about using taxpayer money to pay for his unfettered abortion Progressive Eugenic strategy. The Socialist Puppet President sounds more interested in selling his Socialist Agenda and shutting up those whom object to his attempt to socialize medicine than truly reforming health care.

If Obama is really interested in reforming health care all he really needs to do to get overwhelming public support is to drop the Socialist agenda he is pushing for inside the legislation. All he has to do is tell Congress to eliminate the “Death with Dignity” eugenics/euthanasia clause. All Obama has to do is tell Congress to include the clauses that supports the Hyde Amendment that excludes Taxpayers money from being used in the Progressive eugenics movement to kill off babies that do not meet their Progressive standards through abortion.  All Obama has to do inform Congress to quit trying to use the reform to set up the Government in competition with regular business and instead to do their job and govern the Insurance companies into reform. If he was really interested in health care reform and not just pushing his Socialist agenda he would instead fix the system instead of trying to socialize it. But my guess is he is more interested in fleecing the sheep with his smoke and mirror games and that he will not do that. Instead he will continue down his current path where he and his Brown Shirts lash out and beating up defenseless individuals that disagree with his Socialist agenda. Then afterwards he and his disciples will blame the protesters for offering up objections to his quest for power.

The overwhelming majority of voters want health care reform. What most of us do not want is the government socializing medicine and using it a means to invade our privacy to control how we live. But that is not the Progressive Puppet Obama’s agenda. Their agenda is to socialize America.


  1. Notice: You have been reported to If you repent now, you will not be audited by the IRS, if not, start preparing your documents for examination. 😀

  2. Don’t you just love our Obama worshiping ‘News’ media?

    2008 headline news.
    President Bush economic plan is a failure only 600,000 new jobs created this month.

    2009 headlines news.
    Obama’s stimulus plan working only 247,000 jobs lost this month!

    What’s wrong with this picture??

  3. oh the job loss number has dropped? Thats great! It means companies are now running on skeleton crews. You can only let so many people go before you can no longer produce even the bare minimum required to stay in business. It does not mean anything is looking any better. As a for instance, the company I work for will be letting 180 people go in October. The machine wouldn’t run with one more layoff. Does that mean that things are getting better if in November they don’t lay anyone off? No. Those 180 people will still be on the street and, ecomomically, the company will still be producing just enough for the CEO and management to get their money and stay in business.

  4. I been reported? Then Obama’s spies can start reading my work. Whoo Hoo! 🙂

    Never trust the media to do anything that will not help balance their checkbook. The days of invewstigative reporting is falling to the wayside. As QCExaminer often points out on her blog – the media have evolved into press release way stations for legislators like Philobluster Hare.

    I agree many companies are operating at bare bones. I have worked for bare bones companies and it is difficult on the workers to get the job done properly.

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