Posted by: thescoundrel | August 10, 2009

Hillary Clinton the Power Behind the Throne

It is being reported that Hillary Clinton was unhappy when in a probable mistranslation, a translator asked a question about what her husband Bill Clinton would think over a Congolese financial deal with China. Can you really blame her? She has been the only Obama team member displaying his or her self-capable of doing the job she was asked to do and seems to get the least credit for her work. Her husband Bill seems to always overshadow her accomplishments, without ever doing anything other than show his face. I suppose she should be used to it by now. It was never much of a top secret than during Bill Clinton’s presidency he spent his time chasing skirts while she worked behind the scenes. Yet he is semi-retired and still stealing the limelight and credit while she continues to work with her nose to the grindstone. I am not a Hillary Clinton fan but situations like this translation muff and the recent insult she recieved from North Korea followed by a Bill Clinton press coverage credit for the North Korea release of prisoners must stick in her craw. It seems like she continues to work-work-work while Bill Clinton and Brack Obama take credit for her labors.


  1. Capable? Our top diplomat has a personal snit during a state visit. That’s incompetence.

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