Posted by: thescoundrel | August 11, 2009

Barack Obama -Foot in the Door Socialization Yes We Can

Turn this country in to a socialist nation one foot in the door at a time –> Starting with health care. And he took his scare tactics show on the road today to a specially selected crowd pushing harder for the socialization of our medical system while attempting to belittle and malign those of us that question the Socialist path he is attempting to force feed upon the free Republic of the United States of America. I have said this numerous times since he began his foot-in-the-door attempt at socialization of our country hidden among medical reform: if the plan is not about socializing the country then address the questions put forth by those objecting to his hidden agendas. Fix the wording in the health care reform legislation that will allow him and his socialist progressive eugenicists to expand the abortion industry to get federal funding to kill unborn babies. Fix the wording in the health care reform that creates commission paid Dr. Kevorkian-like death squads out of our family doctors. What we do not want is government rationed medical treatment where we will have no way to hold them accountable.  Fix the language in the health care reform that creates a government sponsored health care plan to drive our regular insurance plans out of business. But Obama will not, instead he prefers to attack those that do not want his socialization attempts. The people of this country want health care reform. But the Obama nation wants socialization of the country more than it does health care. And though we want health care cost restraints what we do not want is Obama’s foot-in-the-door socialization attempts of hijacking the health care reform!


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