Posted by: thescoundrel | August 11, 2009

Welcome to the Obama Socialization of America

Obama continues his spin mode as he attempts to push forward his Socialist agenda. What he does is continue to tell us what the not completed heath care reform package does not say. But what has been released says a lot about what the “reform does not say”. What the reform package does not say is that the legislation is written so that all his socialist agenda can be added a later date. If it were not why does he continue to push through clauses that so many people object to. What it does not say is that the wording has been created with clever lawyer disinformation that he can push through federal funding on abortion, where he and the Congress can control what types and how much medical treatment you receive. What it does say is that they are going to pay doctors extra cash to talk to the elderly and sick. Basically a commission deal for doctors to push euthanasia to the poor and elderly that cannot afford to go outside of socialized government medicine. You know commissions like those annoying salesman get to harass you into buying service contract on your cars and appliances. And how long after this commission deal is setup do we see the government start imposing quotas on the doctors to relieve the stress the poor, sick and elderly will put on their badly funded reform program. Nope Obama is out to sell his Socialization of the American Medical system, at the cost to those of us lacking the money to fight the program. If he were really interested in fixing health care he would make the changes that attempt to socialize America. He does not. He fights to make us into a socialized country. And while the Obama Progressive eugenicists bitch and whine claiming that the opposition is loading the discussions groups to stop discussion they are actually running ads to hire people to interfere with average Americans trying to voice displeasure with the direction health care reform is taking. Welcome to the Obama Socialization of America.


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