Posted by: thescoundrel | August 12, 2009

Obama Socialist Agenda Destroying Health Care Reform

Those of us in Illinois who have witnessed Illinois politics for many years already understood, long before Barack Obama began his 2008 campaign rhetoric of hope and change, that an individual whom birthed his political career in the cesspool also known as Chicago Politics, would be clueless when it came to real hope and change. And, sadly, Barack Obama continues to prove with his current tactics, to push through Socialism hidden among healthcare reform, that nothing but thugs, crooks and liars can elevate through the Chicago political system. And it has become even more noticeable to those of us challenging his newest attempt at socializing America through a government takeover of the healthcare system – as Obama and the rest of the Progressive puppet brigades continue to try and spin away and/or distort the Obama socialist and eugenic agenda hidden among lawyer tricks inside the legislation. Never once do they attempt to address the crowd’s displeasure with his attempts to implement a government takeover of the health care industry. Instead in true Socialist Fashion the Obama minions say believe what we tell you not the exposed attempts to socialize the health care reform. And in some cases when the Obama puppet brigades fail to win over the townhall crowds with their skewed messages, they send in the Obama hired thugs to take care of citizens trying to voice their concerns by using violence against the anxious citizens. That my friend is the politics that Chicago is famous for. Well that and “The Richard Daley Machine” practice of tombstone voting. And yes Obama could win most of us objectors, not all, to much of his heath care reform plans. But he refuses to make the changes needed to win over the concerns being expressed by the unconvinced public. He refuses to fix the eugenic language of the various legislation to exclude his plan to offer 30 pieces of silver to our family doctors to brainwash the sick and elderly from using health care to extend their lives. He refuses to fix the language of the legislation to reaffirm support of the Hyde Amendment, an amendment he and the Progressive Movement are attempting to repeal, by including language that would not allow taxpayer money for his abortion on demand eugenics agenda. He refuses to adjust the language of the legislations to exclude creating a socialist corporation to compete in a free market when what he really needs to do is fix the Medicare and Medicaid programs that the Democrats and Republicans have raped and pillaged, like Social Security, since its creation. In short Obama refuses to give up his Socialist agenda for a real chance to reform health care. Instead Obama prefers to blame those that do not want a Socialist Regime lead by Progressive Puppets like Barack Obama. If you really are the candidate of hope and change Mr. Obama, quit being a Progressive Puppet and Fix The Health Care Industry and the problems we face, instead of creating more dissention in this nation with your Socialist agendas!



  1. Please explain how the president is a socialist. Actually, please explain to me if you know what a socialist is. I have a feeling you may be among the group of loons that currently call themselves patriots, but I’ll leave it to you to measure out the rope.



  2. I’ve noticed Obama has been right out there with his “I am not a crook” campaign on the healthcare issue. I think that makes him a arrogant elitist socialist.

  3. No doubt Cruiser he is starting to openly display that infamous Chicago Style politics. Did you see where as he screams that the townhall meetings opposition are setups yet the facts keep showing that his soft ball questions were all plants like he and Clinton kept using in the primaries.

    Please, Zeniichi-maro it has never been any secret that Obama has socialist ties and was even a member of a now defunct Socialist organization. Like all good little socialist he would like the government to run and operate everything. He has been attempting to find ways to socialize the banking industry and now the medical insurance industry since his election. And if the people of this country stay asleep he will succeed. Of course I could be wrong, as his tactics with the health care reform are beginning to look more Fascist Socialism than normal socialism.

  4. All I can say is thank the gods for Iowegians.

    Chuck Grassley announced today that because of the vagueness of the death panel wording, the Senate was deleting it in its entirety from their version of the health care bill.

    We never get calm, rational, thoughtful politicians to represent us in Illinois—just mindless thugs who call dissenters “birthers’ “teabaggers” and tools of the insurance industry.

    The kicker is even though Durbin insulted a large portion of his constituents—-he’ll still be re-elected.


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