Posted by: thescoundrel | August 14, 2009

Obama Seeks to Protect his Eugenic Programs

The spin doctors are out spinning disinformation in the media for the Obama heathcare plan. Rather than Obama seeking to fix the legislation and really reform health care, Obama continues to try and obfuscate by telling everybody not to believe what has already been exposed. We will have government sponsored death squads, we already have government sponsored death squads that are a big part of Medicare and Medicaid. And once the government starts paying your family doctor to push his eugenic “death with dignity” plans then what will eventually follow are death with dignity quotas to be filled by your family physician in order to balance federal budgets. Very much like those annoying salesmen who have quotas of selling service contracts when you buy merchandise, except now, you will have government sponsored medical doctors selling you end of life options over options that could extend your life. Obama cries that people are misunderstanding his intention. Then fix the legislation President Obama. Change the language to fix the perceived problems. But everyday he tries to force this legislation down the throats of Americans, he looks more guilty of every claim made against him and Obamacare. Because Obama still refuses to listen to everyday Americans’ concerns and instead tries a dog and pony show of obfuscation while he bullies his Socialist eugenics philosophy upon the public. I may have been wrong when I called Obama a Socialist as everyday he looks more and more like a Fascist.



  1. This reads like a blathering idiot wrote it. No facts, no evidence, no honesty.

    Stop watching Glenn Beck, he’s lying to you for ratings.

  2. Oh! I kind of like that – blathering idiot. It is such an intelligent argument. And just like all those other progressive puppets, you start disparaging and attacking those that protest against Obama’s socialist agenda. ZzZzZz! What is next, do we unzip our flies and compare IQ’s? Or do you prefer to jump up and down while howling like other primates – to settle differences. I feel it only fair to warn you it is difficult to tell my howling from my singing and I am told that my singing comes across like a bull moose during rut season. I do not hunt so I can only assume those hunters informing me of my talent would have better knowledge of the comparison than I would. Perhaps we should just compare Rorschach tests and contrast our various psychological disturbances! I relish mine. I previously took the Rorschach Test independently and since I do not trust the medical industry -much more than I do lawyers and politicians- I decided to score the results myself. Feel free to leave any reasonable arguments and/or ideologically challenge any of my observations. I have no problem with that. But further Obama Chicago Style Thuggish attacks will just get deleted.

    As for the post- Today is not the day for posts of facts and links. Today is a personal rant against the “death squads” that have been there long before Obama’s attempt to increase their handiwork with this legislation. He did not invent them he is just seeking to further empower them. SCJ Ginsburg let the cat out of the bag, which many of us were already aware of, when she talked of the relationship between abortion and the eugenics crowd. You want facts and links, today, read some of my other posts. I have been helping fight the death squads for several years. They are imbedded in the very systems of Medicare, Medicare and Private Insurance Companies. I was fighting with them when they were busy trying to limit the treatment to save my mother’s life. I have seen them when they try to limit to limit needed medical treatments and prescriptions of several people I am acquainted with. I have seen their death squads kill off individuals by refusing treatments and/or medication. Right now they are refusing to supply needed daily supplies to a cancer survivor. And fortunately that individual had an accompanying private insurance company that could be pressured to supply the needed supplies. Trying to pressure the government in such situations is akin to beating your head against a brick wall. Fighting insurance companies is not easy but it is infinitesimally easier than fighting the government. And I will continue to scream out against Progressive Puppet Obama’s attempt to socialize medicine and this country every chance I get.

  3. I love the way leftwingers support their position by juvenile name-calling, rather than addressing the facts.

    It’s like shooting fish in a barrel—with dead fish! 😀

  4. There are no paragraphs; like when someone doesn’t pause between their sentences and just keeps talking nonstop. What else would you say that person sounded like?

    Sorry to hear about your mother. I’m curious if this took place before or after Bush privatized Medicare. Once it was turned over to the HMOs, people began being denied healthcare service.

  5. Ah you object to my grammar and sentence/paragraph structuring. And you wish to use my disregard for those English standards to grade my content. Well you will have to get in line to do that. Though it will not change my disregard for grammar, sentence/paragraph structure or my love of baltherskiting. Which combined with my hillbilly upbringing leads to my online persona/name –> Cornbread Blatherskite. I spent my junior high, senior high and college years tormenting teachers with my disregard for English grammar and writing conformity. With many of my writings you will also find a fondness for using the hillbilly language of my family history as well as many links to the newer slang found in places like the Urban Dictionary. I like to think of it all –>as my way of growing long hair and a beard while pissing in to the wind. You may also find numerous misspellings throughout any post you read, though that has nothing to do with my rebellion against the English languages assault on hillbilly colloquialisms, and can instead be attributed to my substandard eyesight.

    As to the death squads Obama refuses to acknowledge, my family has been butting heads with Medicare and Medicaid for many years –>long before Bush. And the fight goes back to a time when Medicare was refusing to acknowledge my Uncles disability by several doctors.

    I have said this in all my posts about health care- I am for health care reform. What I am not for is allowing Obama to use health care to push through a secret agenda with language obscurities. And if he truly seeks wide support for his health care reform- the newest Rasmussen report I heard it was now built up to 54% against- all he really has to do is change the language in question. But when he refuses to acknowledge the problems with the language then he only paints himself as an individual that is set on pushing through questionable legislation.

  6. Well, we agree that reform is needed and we both agree the current bills aren’t perfect either. Obama isn’t writing the bills, he’s asked Congress to do so. At this point there are at least four different bills which have passed committee. There is no set language, there is no set bill. Things still have to go to the Senate after all of that and then it will change again.

    The “Death Panel” that so many were upset about isn’t in any of the bills any longer because no one felt it was an important enough issue to push. It was taken directly from a Republican bill which Grassley then voted for but it didn’t pass at the time.

    The public option is not a government run healthcare, it provides insurance to people that can’t get it themselves. There is no perfect system, private or public. What I am concerned with is the motivation behind actions. When my doctor and my insurance agency are acting in the same capacity as a used car salesmen, in order to make the sale, then I’d rather go with policy that isn’t motivated by cash profits. Either way, the public option isn’t something that anyone HAS to do. Hence the word “option.”

    Your writing has only a small part of the blame for this post’s idiocy. The rest has to do with the actual belief that there is a eugenics program being proposed. The claim is beyond absurd. Glenn Beck is where that rumor started. Secondly, whatever your background, you’ve got dictionaries around you. Try looking up the word socialist, and then take a long hard look at the police, fire dept., roads, water, electricity, gas, FDA, OSHA, EPA, etc. that you use. Guess what? All of those are socialist. Are you ready to stop using all of those?

    The truth is, you’re scared. You don’t know what for, only that the big world around you is changing oh so fast. Hell, it was only yesterday that gays could come out in public, now they want the whole marriage thing. We’ve got a black president, and who the hell knows what’s going to happen next. From the way the news and the radio talk, the whole world is about to blow up because Obama’s president. Ahhh, now you have someone to blame.

    Instead of spouting idiocy, like a blathering idiot. Why don’t you actually learn about healthcare reform, real reform, and become a part of the solution instead of part of the noise trying to keep reform from taking place.

  7. There were a few Republicans that put together an alternate plan that made a lot of sense. They wanted to separate health insurance from employment, and let people shop on the open market more. It would cost a lot less, depending on what they decided to do with taxing these benefits (or allowing a write-off to buy coverage). I think this is exactly what we need – increased competition to lower costs. If Republicans actually cared about the middle class, they would have enacted it 3 or 4 years ago when they held the presidency and both houses of Congress. They only offer this alternative now because they are forced to, and because it has no chance of passing. It’s sad. I think if the Repubs had shown more “compassion” for the middle class during the Bush years, we wouldn’t be having this debate right now.

  8. Godless American – the more you talk the more obvious it becomes that your only real argument seems to be that if people do not agree with your worship of progressive politics and the politicians that push progressive agendas- then you feel the need to throw up smoke screen barriers while you attempt to use character assassination against your opposition. You know nothing about me personally but you use typical absurd progressive attacks of inferring my opposition to Obama’s health care strategy is based on racism and homophobia. If I thought you worth the time -I might have taken some time to do a Full Monty for you- but nothing you have posted here or on your own site seemed worthy of my wasting that much time trying to create a discussion. You are not interested in discussion you are interested in making character attacks. Unlike many of the Congress will ever do, I have taken time to read some of the proposed legislation. There are parts in it I agree with and think that those parts of the bill would be acceptable. And my continued statements on the HR 3200 legislation has been pointed at direct passages of the bill many of us non progressives do not trust. I do not trust big government nor do I trust any Democrat/Republican/Pick Your Affiliation politician to look out for my best interests. I have also said if Obama and the Congress took the time to fix the objectionable language in the legislation it would go a long way to calming some of us whom object to the legislation. Yet if they are unwilling to fix those parts -I find extremely objectionable- I see no reason to quit expressing my displeasure with the legislation. And I will not. You say become a part of the solution. I have become a part of the solution – just not a knee-bending worshiper of the progressive agenda built into the legislation. If you want to argue points feel free to post. But personal attacks will only get your posts moderated and deleted.

  9. Pioneer, sorry I have not responded sooner but I have been busy with personal life and what little time I had for blogging I used to post on others’ sites. I did look in on my blog a couple of times but I was rushed and moody so I did not take the time to respond to anyones posts. My bad.

    I do not trust the Republican politicians any more than I do the Democrat politicians when it comes to really making an effort to create legislation to help the average citizen. The only trust I have of either party is that they will do or say – whatever they think will help them in the two-party power struggle. That is who they are and that is what they do.

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