Posted by: thescoundrel | August 15, 2009

Progressive Liberal Attacks on Palin Continue

WOW! I cannot remember the last time I saw a political party use as many top operatives in a smear campaign against a non candidate as I have seen the Democrat Party use against Sarah Plain since the 2008 election. Now it is not uncommon to see smear campaigns against politicians that are running for office or that hold a political office. That has always been the American Way of politics since its earliest inceptions dating back to the Thomas Jefferson vs. John Adams smear campaigns. But Palin is currently a non candidate for any political position and does not even hold any political seat. Yet day after day some high level Democrat politician or some high level Democrat spin doctor spins out a media printed character assasination story against Palin. The only assumption I can make from the attacks is that they figure if Palin runs for POTUS in 2012 she could win both the Republican Primary and defeat the Progressive Socialist deity Barack Obama. Why should the disciples of such a worshipful deity as Barack Obama be worried about a challenge from such a Democrat-Party-Proclaimed simpleton as Sarah Palin. And considering the lack of support Palin gets from the Republican spin doctors I can only assume both political parties are worried, that -unlike media selected and worshiped Barack Obama- Palin  is the real deal when it comes to political reform and that means both parties have to worry about  losing their corrupt strangle hold on Washington DC politics.  I can only assume both political parties are shaking in their boots at the thought that a Palin POTUS administration could actually be a Good Samaritan administration and shake-up the corruption so overtly hidden in both the Democrat and Republican Parties.


  1. To paraphrase the dimwitted Phil Phreaks who comment at my blog: When elites are losin’ they start abusin’.

  2. Nothing scares these people more than a candidate who really intends to clean up the corruption. I find it funny
    that Palin is showing more class than those who attack

  3. That makes sense cruiser … on my own front porch I heard some Palin trashing … they didn’t like the fact that some people like Palin’s glasses … how dare her fly her daughter on the government dime (despite selling the jet to save a bundle) … and boy is she stupid.

    I had to wonder why they were talking about Palin resigning, instead of trashing our own gov Blago, who might be headed to prison.

    The clan from the left have their religion of hate … but despite Palin’s lack of a Hahavahd degree … she could be trusted to not back down to the corruption … at least that is what is most attractive about her to me and many.

  4. Sorry I have not took the time to respond but my mind has not been on my blog the last few weeks.

    I am not sure anyone can clean up the corruption in Washington unless we force short term limits on Congress. One of my complaints against any “gonna clean-up” Washington candidate is that you cannot clean the system from the top –> down. Both major parties has learned how to work the system to keep and protect their power bases. There needs to be a complete simultaneous house cleaning of all government branches. Anything less and the rats escape and seek protection with friendly arms. And I am not sure how we can do that.

  5. Sarah Palin is not being ridiculed out of fear. She’s being ridiculed because she was a ridiculous, unqualified choice for VPOTUS, and she just keeps sticking her foot in her mouth.

    Alaska gets more federal welfare than any other state in the union, and Sarah Palin pushed for more. She SUPPORTED the Bridge to Nowhere and other pork-barrel projects. A trueblood conservative would rip her to pieces.

    You guys go right ahead and keep supporting Miss Winks-a-Lot. You ensure the continued downward slide of your party.

  6. Palin may have been “unqualified”, but she was ten times more qualified than Obambi was for Prez’, as we are now finding out.

    Alaska is far from getting the most federal “welfare”. California gets about 20 times as much … and Alaska is not number one per capita either.

    But Palin did take on the corrupt Republicans in her state, which probably scares a lot of our criminal elite.

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