Posted by: thescoundrel | September 4, 2009

Japan Takes Diplomatic Lead

Grey Diplomat?

Grey Diplomat?

A Peter Popham article in the UK Independent reports that the wife of newly elected Japanese Prime Minister, Yukio Hatoyama, claims she was abducted by aliens about twenty years ago. It seems that his wife, Miyuki Hatoyama, was taken to Venus following the abduction. Must have been a dismal visit as my understanding is that Venus is not the ideal vacationing spot for humans from the planet Earth. I was disappointed with the article in that the reporter either failed his investigative journalism or simply neglected to report the whole story. To be fair, the CNN article on the same subject was even less informative. Nowhere in either article did I read which alien species abducted her. Was it the Greys? Was it the Reptoids? Maybe it was some energy type being? Or was it a yet unannounced intergalactic non-humanoid species? Was she probed or maybe harvested for her eggs? Did she get one of those electronic tags  implanted inside her like Scully in the X-Files? What role did the UN have in her abduction? Was there some UN conpiracy to hide her abduction? Was Bill Clinton involved in any part of brokering her release? Did Bill Clinton have sex with her or the aliens after securing her release? Does Hillary know that Bill had sex with her and the aliens? Did she at least get flying miles and/or credits usable at hotels and motels across the known universe?  Hey – Inquiring minds wanna know! It did manage to report she also knew Tom Cruise in a previous life. I wonder if he jumped on a couch for her. Once again the reporter failed to give all the facts. Still it has to make the Obamas jealous to know that the US was one-upped by Japan because now Japan probably has the inside edge and will become the leading force in the race for Intergalactic Diplomatic Exchanges.  Shucky Darn.



  1. Tips and information for the alien abducted.

  2. She knew Tom cruise in a former life …if it was her former life, it was at least 66 years ago, so it wasn’t Cruise at the time.

    Is there an international registry of former lives somewhere? Or perhaps Cruise is listed in the intergalactic former life files.

    Of course all the travel at warp speeds probably distorts earth years … but in any case, I hope her hubbie doesn’t listen to her much. Of course Michelle has been called a Klingon, but I don’t think that is verified.

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