Posted by: thescoundrel | October 2, 2009

2016 Olympics Good News – Bad News

There has been good news bad news concerning the 2016 Olympics. It seems a city has been chosen to hold the event and that despite a huge wasteful costly special effort by media worshiped President Obama, his wife and her Goddessness – Oprah-  it was not Chicago, Illinois USA! As a resident of Illinois, living about three hours from Chicago I can only say that is GREAT NEWS! Hurrah-Hurrah-Hurrah! I guess Daley and Obama finally found an elective process where the Daley Tombstone Voting methods have no power to influence the decision. Now we can quit worrying about just how much money Pope Obama and Chicago Mayor Richard Daley would have been knee capping the Federal Government and the State of Illinois to put on a pompous Olympic display to dazzle the World with. The bad news is – it means there will be less exposure to create China-like Olympic blogging stories – link1 link2 link3 – about Obama and Daley scrambling to use millions of dollars of taxpayer money to hide the warts and scars left on the Chicago region by years upon years of Daley ruling-class thuggery and the dilapidated state of Illinois after years upon years of leadership created by corrupt class after class of inept and/or corrupt Illinois political leadership like former and current Illinois politicians George Ryan, Rod Blagojevich, Emil Jones, Richard Daley 1&2, Barack Obama etc… Personally I am glad the Olympics are taking place anywhere other than Chicago! Hey how about holding them in Antarctica! That would be a real first and a real challenge.



  1. It’s official – Rio has been chosen. Get out the paint and plaster. Arrest/hide the poor, the slums and homeless and let the coverup of the city’s shortcomings begin.

  2. I’ve noticed that Obama seems pretty calm about losing this little gem for his crown.

  3. I’m happy Rio got the Olympics since they have never had them anywhere in SA.

    I’m even more happy that we won’t be stuck with the bill for enriching all of the Obama/Daly crooks and cronies.

  4. Had this been in the early 80’s I would have actually been hoping for Chicago to get the Olympics. But now when I hear the words “host the Olympics” I go all NIMBY. We don’t need the costs that Chicago would find a way to stick downstate with. Plus we do not need all the crazy extremists running around the state. We just have way too may other things on the plate to be bothered by Olympic b.s. Let some other place have all the headaches and politics.

    I will miss not having the chance to blog about whatever methods Team Daley would have used to coverup the dirtier sides of town as has every other Olympic host town. 😉

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