Posted by: thescoundrel | October 9, 2009

Team Obama Channels Team Chavez

President Obama spins in swirling circles trying to decide whether to — follow the advice of his experienced Military leadership concerning the military directions he should take in Afghanistan or instead listen to “open mouth insert foot” VP Joe Biden for military strategy. And though he did not have time to meet with his leading General but once since he took control of the Afghanistan War, that Obama is unsure about how to manage, he did have time to make a sales pitch to beg the World for the right to host the 2016 Olympics. He surrounds himself with communist, socialist, anarchist, bigoted advisers and most recently one has been exposed as seemingly perverted counselor. Yet Obama does not seem to understand why the voters would object to such individuals being appointed to high government positions of power. His popularity numbers continue to falter because instead of trying to fix health care through reform he and the congress prefer to ram an unpopular reform legislation that most of them have not read, the majority of whom will never read the legislation. Plus those few that finally do read it – most of if not all will never understand the whole monstrosity that they have created. And the champion of transparency, President Obama, seems confused that most people have a problem with him and the Congress wanting to pass such a ridiculously convoluted mess, which continues to lose support. His stimulus that was to resurrect the economy, experts claim is looking like it is failing -just a day after Joe Biden, the same Joe Biden whose military expertise Obama has placed equal to his top Generals overseeing the War in Afghanistan, was making claims it was far more effective than they thought it would be (that is a scary statement). So what is Obama’s call to action to solve these problems? The Obama solution is to verbally attack Fox News and all his critics for criticizing his performance. Yep, that is going to solve all his problems. Obama comes across more and more like Hugo Chavez the longer he is in office. And he has a media/FCC Czar in place whom praised the way Chavez handled critics in Venezuela. Of course Chavez’s answer to his vocal critics was to shut down the opposition in the media and private sectors. Team Obama seems intent on following the Team Chavez method of holding on to power – by directing attention away from his personal failures, through an attack on those in the media and private sectors that do not worship his Marxist agenda.



  1. “And though he did not have time to meet with his leading General but once since he took control of the Afghanistan War, that Obama is unsure about how to manage..”

    WOW, apparently accurate commentary escapes you. The “but once” should be the butt of the lack of research you present!

  2. Maybe you are right I was being too kind to Obama. In fact Obama had met zero times in person and once on video cam with General McChrystal about the new Afghan strategy until after Obama was shamed into meeting with him after McChrystal let it be known publicly that Obama had not yet bothered to meet with him to discuss the increased troop needs.

  3. I’m betting Chavez will win the Nobel Peace Prize next year. 🙂

  4. You could be right QCEx. The Nobel Prize committee continues to prove what a JOKE the award is. So why not nominate Chavez for all the humanitarian work he has done for repressing free speech in Venezuela. 🙄

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