Posted by: thescoundrel | October 14, 2009

Health Care Reform – Obama Adviser We Must Let Seniors Die

The Senate health care reform bill passed another hurdle on Tuesday and will now return to the smoky backrooms of Congress where they finish creating their obscene Frankenstein monstrosity. It is a plan many say will greatly increase taxes and current insurance premiums. It continues to make enemies from former friends. Some have went so far as to say that it is part of an Obama/Progressive baby-step plan that will lead to eventual government takeover of the insurance business by forcing Corporate Insurance Companies out of business. Though I am a person that thinks that we need health care reform, I also feel that this legislation is baby steps towards an Team Obama agenda of taking over the insurance industry. And as I have said numerous times –> I do not want the government becoming the insurance company. The labor of the government should begin and end at governing and that does not include becoming financial competition to any business. Government is busy driving Medicare broke plus now they want to be everybody’s insurance program. Sorry, I do not want the fox also guarding the hen house. The far left continues to push an Obamacare single payer health care plan where they can determine who lives and who dies! The big guns of the leftwing like Nancy Pelosi continue to say they will not pass legislation without a government run insurance option. Up your nose with a rubber hose Auntie Nancy!

Team Obama also continues to ridicule those whom see the dangers in his wet dream of a government run health care system. Yet it is one of Obama’s many radical advisers  that has described drastically limiting health care for senior Americans as a necessary part of health care  reform in this quote:

“We’re going to have to, if you’re very old, we’re not going to give you all that technology and all those drugs for the last couple of years of your life to keep you maybe going for another couple of months. It’s too expensive…so we’re going to let you die.”

Wow that sounds an awful  lot alike the death panels Sarah Palin talked of that everyone left  says pooh-pooh towards. Yeah, as a 29+ year-old-citizen hoping to reach my Senior years, that makes me feel real comfortable about “any” government run health care ideology or reform direction with advisers like that on Team Obama.




  1. And they’re calling that a “reform” bill? It’s a giveaway to the insurance companies.

    And the Democrats are calling themselves “the party of Franklin Delano Roosevelt”? They just offered up yesterday sill more evidence (as if any were really needed) why that party needs to be completely overhauled – or destroyed.

    With donkeys like them who the hell needs those damned elephants?

    I need a drink.

    Tom Degan
    Goshen, NY

  2. Health insurance is too expensive now. How will we afford it when its “free”? This is one bill I hope doesn’t get passed.

  3. I personally feel there is going to be some kind of reform bill passed. I also feel that neither side of the voters in the discussion will be happy with the final result. I also feel that both political party’s leadership would (silently in private circle jerks) breathe a sigh of relief if the final bill went down in flames and did not pass – for that very same reason. One it gives them political canon fodder to shot across the bow of their opponents ships to impress their constituency. If any bill does get passed – and I personally think a very watered down version will get passed out of desperation by the rank and file Congress members that have to face voters in the next round of elections- Senior citizens will get screwed in the short term and the long term. I have already spoken numerously of the trials and tribulations my father has went through working with JD Insurance and Medicare over his cancer treatments. And I have no doubt that had he faced the same system Dick Morris is talking of that will be in the versions of these legislative bills – he would have been denied treatment as Morris fears for those like his father may face. One doctor told my father he had weeks to live and sewed him up after a second round of cancer that was considered terminal. He outlived the doctor who wrote him off and defeated that second round of cancer to become cancer free for a second time.

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