Posted by: thescoundrel | October 18, 2009

Bono Wants to Rebrand America – One US Citizens Response

Caution the following post may contain language and links some may find offensive.

I was skimming the Internet on a sleepless Saturdaynight-into-Sundaymorning and came across a sermonizing article by Bono giddy of the Won, Barack Obama, receiving the Nobel Prize and of Bono’s personal hope and wanting to rebrand America.

As to the giving to Obama the Nobel Prize – Stupid is as Stupid does. Barack Obama may or may not turn out to be an above average President and/or a great humanitarian. It could be one. It could be both. It could be neither. Look at Jimmy Carter. As a President, my personal opinion –along with many-many-many others that lived under his rule- he was and still is the worst US President in our lifetime – perhaps in the history of our country. But my personal opinion is also as a human he is mostly a good spirit and performs many humanitarian activities. Did Carter do anything worthy of receiving the Nobel Peace Prize – who really knows? World Peace ideology is a fantasy created by a constantly changing cast of game players -through the use of smoke and mirror events- that create an illusion the individuals involved are making a Utopian society.  At least Carter did something. I have seen nothing from Barack Obama that qualifies as humanitarian from Barack Obama and I have lived most of life in the State of Illinois where he launched his political career. But as I previously said it was the Nobel Prize Committee’s award to give away and it was their decision on whom to give it to. According to them it was based on the Obama’s hope and change campaign rhetoric. As one Internet comment I read put it – if that were the criteria for selection practically every Miss America contestant in the history of the pageant should have received the Nobel Peace Prize – as they all wish for world peace. The real plain and simple reason for the Obama awarding is that the Nobel committee just chose to minimalize the award by giving to Obama because his name was not George W. Bush.

As to Bono’s hope to rebrand America. He stated in his article that he once accepted a Golden Globe award by barking out an expletive. Let me offer up an expletive in answer to your rebranding wish- FU Bono. I came from a dirt-poor region of the US. Much of my family lived below poverty at times during my growing up. None of us are rich. My personal wages and wealth would not even classify as middle class. Yet as unrich as my family is, we still manage to share what we have with others as often as we can. But we choose what we can give and whom we give it to. As free Americans that is our choice.  So when pieces of crap like yourself, Barack Obama and every other whining guilt ridden rich POS comes knocking at my door telling me you want to take what few pennies OUR family has managed to accumulate, so you can do more to uplift poverty stricken regions around the world, how WE have to cut back on our energy usage and how WE need to rebrand the image of the US from a military behemoth to playing catcher for the European globalists like yourself – I say drop your own pants and take one for your team. But stay away from my door. When I read in my local paper that Bono and his band have chosen to ride their bicycles and/or travel across the oceans on a sailboat instead of traveling by cushy trains, planes and automobiles. And that Bono and his band have chosen to sing the rest of their concerts for free on the street corners of the world instead of high-priced fancy studios and over-priced concert halls as they spread their musical rhetoric. And when I read in print that hypocritical poor little rich boys like Bono and Barack Obama have given their last dimes to the poor of the world and are now living day to day just to put food on the table– like most people in the world. Then maybe –just maybe and only if you can convince me that your cause is real and just, I might toss a few of my pennies and some of the few seconds of my time that is not already taken up by surviving in the real world you no longer live in, if you ever did. But charity begins at home. And my charitable nature is not very globally inclined at the moment. And with individuals like you leading the charge for global charity – my charity is likely to stay at home. And do not expect a friendly face if you show up at my door – when you start preaching your rebrand America rhetoric, as those many of us –and ever growing total- not blinded by the rhetoric of False Prophets like Barack Obama have no problem with the Brand America you dislike. Go clean up your own back yard however you want – but stay out of mine!


As if it was not bad enough that European loony-toon  Bono wants to rebrand the US–>  several Internet articles are suggesting that at the upcoming  Copenhagen summit, some of the European Globalists hope to use Obama’s Nobel Prize win as a path towards a European/Globalist/US treaty to be signed by Obama  that would allow Global Interests/laws  to override the US constitutional laws when there is conflicting interests such as climate change laws. Something similar was tried by Bush2 not long ago where he was going to allow an international court ruling intervene in a US legal case. The question is -if it is true – will  Mao Tse Tung-wannabe  Obama sign it. And if he does, can he ram an approval through the US Congress. The whole situation  makes the timing and awarding of the Nobel Prize to Obama even more smelly!

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  1. What a marvelous tantrum of selfish arrogance, Scoundrel. Do you have the arrogance to believe that your supposed poverty growing up came anywhere close to matching that of the developing world? Try to open your eyes and think outside yourself on occasion.

  2. Call it arrogance if you wish. I never said that my poverty when I was a child was worse than the developing world. But yes there were time when I was a child when the only food put on our table was what we managed to grow or hunt. Very often the food on our table was put on there only because providers tended to ignore hunting laws. Sometime the only meal available was home cooked bread and gravy. So was I eating mud pies like some third world countries – no. But did we have to often scrape and make do with meat obtained from breaking laws and greens that we either grew or picked wild yes. To survive we often lived with multiple families in the same dwellings. Much of the water we drank was from cistern wells full of mosquito larvae if we lacked the funds to purchase bleach to decontaminate the wells. On a rare occasion when we struck a little extra money we might get a treat of a Pepsi, a moon pie and some peanuts. Our bathroom was a two seater located as far away from the house as possible as in the summertime it tended to get ripe until one of family members shoveled the hole full and dug another where the shack could be transferred to. Our toilet paper consisted of the previous years catalogs which often doubled as a fly swatter trying to bat away the flies attracted to the attractive aroma coming from the shack. But my father had a dream to move us away from that squalor and when he saved enough money he moved us to where most of my family now lives. None of us are rich. Some have managed to achieve middle class standards. Some like myself still live well below middle class levels. Some are still content to live at poverty levels. And some of the losers live off the misfortune of others while trying to stay one jump ahead of the police. So yeah I understand being extremely poor. many of my family still choose to live multiple families in dwellings. Most of us still grow a lot of the very food we eat. A some of us still hunt the meat put on our tables, though the government attempts to make that as difficult as possible if you do it legally. None of us will ever be poor little rich boys like Bono crying because he has way too much money – because all of us tend to share away and/or take care of others even less fortunate than ourselves. So -No, I do not need some asswipe like Bono lecturing me on how he is saddened by my lack of compassion. He has no clue of my life anymore than you do. And I am sorry for the extreme poverty around the world but if some prick like Bono wants to lecture me about poverty – let him come to that lecture after he has given up all his own wealth. And if he and pricks like Al Gore want to lecture me about my energy usage or my “green footprint” let them do so when they have sacrificed up all there fancy jets trips, limo rides and houses that burn more electricity in a month than some cities do. As far as thinking for myself I do quite well. But as I said charity begins at home with those where I know where my sacrifice goes. I give what I can to people and organizations I know are not using the money to pay some lame ass to sit in a chair and give 15 cents of every dollar given to the poor while pocketing the rest for personal wages and luxuries. Where I give my money to is my business and not the business pf some hypocritical prick like Bono – Obama – or Al Gore whom are just poor little rich boys whom talk the talk but do not live the walk. Let them come knock on my door when they given away all their worldly treasures to those they deem worthy. And if I have any left that I have not already given away then perhaps I might be willing to listen to their rhetoric. But if they come a knocking for things that I deem unworthy they will leave with what they came with already in their pockets. But until then they can shove their hypocrisy up their ass.

  3. Didn’t you see that Bono also praised Bush for his AIDS help for Africa? I have to give Bono some props for being about the only person on the left that didn’t demonize Bush. Ever. Bono respected Bush and asked him for help. Gee, maybe showing the president respect is a better way to persuade him, I don’t know.

  4. I have bashed Bono before and the reason is still the same. He is welcome to his opinion. But I am not interested in what he thinks about Bush or Obama. He lost any support for his opinion I might have had, which I freely admit would have been little if any at all, with his title Rebrand America. It takes a fool like Bono to make a public statement he is plans on teaching his children to become gay. I have gay friends and relatives and it is a tough life they have chosen. Fools like Bono only make it worse. Any advice he offers is BS as far as I am concerned. I am even less interested about his thoughts about how we run our country than I am about which of our politicians he agrees with. He can go clean up his own backyard all he wants but stay out of mine. He can be a citizen of the world all he wants. I am a citizen of the US. And when he attempts to bully the direction this country takes with his media and star power I say FU Bono!

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