Posted by: thescoundrel | October 19, 2009

Roman Polanski- Special Blinded Justice For Hollywood

What is wrong with this picture?

Seventy-six year old Award-winning Movie Director, Roman Polanski is currently undergoing medical treatment while under arrest in Switzerland for skipping justice for rape crimes he committed over thirty years ago in the United States of America. Polanski has the condescending belief that he should not be forced to return to the USA and face the charges he avoided those many year ago. He holds that conviction despite testimonial evidence that states he drugged a fourteen year-old girl with liquor and Quaaludes then proceeded to rape and sodomize the young girl. And there are many in Hollywood and the World-Wide entertainment industry that agree with the man. In fact they have created an online petition asking and politicking that Polanski be set free from his detainment and that he should not have to face legal ramifications for his crime of rape and evasion of justice for over thirty years. Meanwhile in Clinton, Iowa a teacher faces sentencing today for the conviction of attempting to entice a minor to engage in a sexual tryst back in November of 2008. Here is the mesmerizing conundrum of this story. It has been rumored that Roman Polanski may face as little as a single year, or less, then be turned loose to scamper around the world, for his crime of rape and thirty-year evasion of justice – that is assuming the US can overcome the legal obstacles of Swiss extradition and the impediments being tossed at the justice system by the many Entertainment Industry champions of Roman Polanski. Meanwhile, the teacher from Iowa faces anywhere from ten to fifteen years in prison, plus legal registration as a sexual predator that will limit his movement following his eventual release, for his crime of attempting to entice a minor over the Internet. And the actual minor in question was not a minor at all – but an undercover police officer posing as a minor as part of an Internet sting. Now there is no doubt in my mind that the teacher should face stiff punishment for the crime he was convicted of. Is a sentence of ten to fifteen years for a crime of intent – overkill? Perhaps, but it is not mine to determine. It is evidently what public justice scream for. But the real question happens to be, what sentence -if any- will public justice see fit to give Roman Polanski for actually committing a crime of drugging and raping a minor, plus decades of avoiding justice for those crimes? Or will his Hollywood friends and fame mange a simple slap on the hand by justice because Polanski is part of the Hollywood and Hollywood Media Elite  – thus he deserves politcally Special Blinded and Gagged Justice!



  1. […] There are just way too many uncontrollable variables that can taint evidence. Way too often we find that we have convicted someone for crimes that they did not perpetrate. And I think this indicates that our justice system contains too much structural weakness that creates risk of sending innocent individuals to death for crimes that they did not commit. It is not fair to the defendant, or to make those involved in the operational dynamics of the legal system or even society responsible to put even one innocent man to death. As was displayed in my last post justice is rarely, if ever, handled in a fair and balanced effort. […]

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