Posted by: thescoundrel | October 21, 2009

Obama Worshiping TV and Newspapers Forgot Their Job

I must offer thanks to those readers that have been trashing the Glenn Beck show the last several months. As I previously stated I just had not really managed to catch his show very often, once he moved from CNN to Fox News. All the Beck Internet animosity I started to read really stirred up my curiosity.  He is awesome and talking points I have been saying for years. Meanwhile Team Barack Obama has been on the National News talk shows and their Internet web sites attacking Fox News, mostly because of Beck’s show I am sure.  How very Richard Nixon-like of Team Obama. Beck has went so far as installing a not line telephone system available only to the White House individual Anita Dunn, that  Team Obama has watching the Glenn Beck program for errors, so that they can call him to help Beck correct any Obama errors he might make in his reporting. (We -the citizens of the US- are paying huge cash  for some Obama crony to watch TV! 🙄 ) They have yet to call to my knowledge.

I do have to admit I have to  feel deeply embarrassed for the mainstream media after I started making time to watch Beck’s show whenever possible. I have been saying that television and newspaper media were too busy playing touchy-feely games with Obama from the start of his campaign. On a recent Glenn Beck show he played a video that displayed a member of Team Obama boasting about just how well they have manipulated the media since they started their original campaign. 😳 It has to be extremely embarrassing for our “government watchdog” media to have this video become exposed. That is probably why I have not seen the Team Obama bragging rights video or even mentioned by any other meida source. It is bad enough to be bad at your job. It is even worse to find out you have been exploited by someone like Team Obama, that you worship like a God. But to have those facts public-wide exposed, by a rival you despise no less, has to be crippling to the professional ego. 😳

The founding fathers of our nation felt it so important for the media to be a watchdog of our government that the press were given special mention in the first  amendment to our constitution –>in order to protect the freedom of our press. Now every President’s adminstration attempts to manipulate the media. But usually most of the media personnel and outlets have not bent their knees in worship to our government leadership- until now. You know I can understand  Team Obama’s frustration with certain members of Fox News. The rest of the news media have been rubber stamping whatever information the Whitehouse has handed out as if it were gospel. Like them or not- Fox News has not. And many of them are Obama friendly.

Now Glenn Beck does not call or even consider himself a journalist. He calls himself just another regular Joe that made it on TV, asking questions. Maybe that is why regular media sources hate and vilify Glenn Beck so much. How embarrassing for the rest of the so called “real” media -that a Regular Joe Libertarian Glenn Beck on the news media outlet they love to vilify as Conservative News, has been the only one actually doing their job – asking questions. Afterall, asking questions and seeking answers is the media’s constitutionally protected jobs.  Well at least for now. That is because  Team Obama has also loaded his administration with Hugo Chavez loving advisors like media advisor Mark Lloyd. And we all know just how much Marxist loving Chavez loves freedom of the press.

MMM-MMM Barrack Hussein Obama



  1. Absolutely nothing to do with the post – just funny picture/video links from the Fail Blog.

  2. Read this and thought of you.

  3. LOL. I have not been following the Limbaugh vs. NFL fight all that close. But then I rarely have time to listen to Limbaugh. He was never my cup of tea even when I did have opportunity to listen to his show. I am familiar with the McNabb statement. I did not find it racist – just poor football analysis. I personally have found McNabb’s football talent as an NFL quarterback exceptional compared to most of the current NFL QB’s. Still there have been more critics of McNabb’s talent than Limbaugh. I do know I read that the two statements that the NFL and others were burning up the airwaves over have become considered fallacious. Evidently the person whom attributed the statement to him has recanted their veracity. The way the situation is unraveling it will probably make Limbaugh come out looking more victim than chump. Though I am sure he is both. Everyone is.

  4. The latest theory about why Obama is debasing himself by attacking Fox is that this a “Wag The Dog” move.

    Obama is proving to be a miserable failure; healthcare is a quagmire, his approval ratings are tanking at historic rates, he’s dithering about Afghanistan while our soldiers are dying, he has managed to PO most of our foreign allies, his “stimulus” is a joke—over 2 millions jobs LOST since it was enacted, etc.

    So he figures he can successfully divert attention from his failures with a high-profile street fight with Fox—good luck with that! 🙂

  5. “Wag The Dog” I have been thinking and saying very much the same thing over a lot of Obama moves such as his attacks on Fox. A rumor I have also been reading is that it is a Rahm Emmanuel idea as he is very vindictive. He was the one that put together the Clinton enemies list as I mentioned a post around the time he was selected.

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