Posted by: thescoundrel | October 28, 2009

Teenage Girl Raped as Crowd Watches

In March of 1964 a young woman living in New York City arrived at her home after a night of work only to be brutally raped and murdered. The attack began once, was disrupted by a neighbor, which caused the attacker to leave for a few minutes before returning to finish the job he had started – an intentional random murder of a young woman. It was estimated anywhere from a dozen to thirty-eight people were witness to parts of the attack. One was the neighbor that disrupted the original attack by shouting at the attacker and another was a man whom called the police after the attack was over. The numerous witnesses had various reasons as to why they did not immediately call the police and/or allowed the attack to go on without attempting to intervene. The episode has helped paint Big City populations as apathetic towards unfolding tragedy.


Now we are hearing that in Richmond, California a young fifteen-year-old girl was lured into a back ally drinking event then attacked and raped following a high school homecoming event. The rape has said to involve as many as a dozen different individuals and another 15 to 20 audience members that evidently needed a voyeuristic thrill. Included in this event were two adult individuals. Yet evidently not one saw fit to call the police or intervene until after the attack was over.


Two brutal attacks forty-five years apart. One might have thought history would have created an evolved reaction to the vicious attack of a young woman. Yet in the most modern instance not only does it seem that a group of people who could have stepped up to help prevent the barbaric act –didn’t- if reports are correct, they either joined in the rape action or simply chose to view it as live cinema. Maybe they were all Roman Polanski disciple and enabler types. Whatever the reason – society seems to continue to de-evolve under this so-called age of enlightenment where society has turned over the teaching of morality from family and church to government and government approved foundations.




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