Posted by: thescoundrel | October 28, 2009

The Audacity Of Hope and Change

Once upon a time not so very long ago – in fact it was just last year – there was a fairy-tale story about an US Presidential candidate that was traveling around the nation singing his own praises of hope and change. He was boasting about how he would cleanup the beleaguered quagmire that has become politics-as-usual in Washington DC. He promised bipartisanship, a transparent government and a newfound Washington DC integrity as the cornerstone of his leadership. Early on during the campaign I started asking how could a candidate that had birthed his political career in the slime-pit that is the Chicago political arena— I asked how could a candidate that was being mentored by an Illinois politician, Emil Jones, known as the thuggish enforcer for – Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich that was and is still under intense legal scrutiny for questionable legalities that he was a part of during his time as our Governor— I also asked how could that candidate, or any Presidential candidate promising hope and change in Washington DC cleanup said showground for political corruption without starting from the ground-up by sweeping away the old-guard that has deep roots inside the swamp of Washington DC politics-as-usual? Less than year into the Obama Presidency he has given those answers – he cannot, nor has he displayed any real desire to do so. His whole first year has failed his campaign promises and has instead spent the time proving, that he is just another False Prophet of Hope and Change in Washington politics.

Instead of leading a cleanup of national politics he has surrendered his idealist hope and change rhetoric to the Chicago Style Politics his career was birthed in. He has surrounded himself with many of those very same old-guard Illinois and Washington DC politicians -like Rham Emanuel- known for their thuggish partisan politics – that he promised to oust out of Washington DC political quagmire during his hope-and-change campaign. In fact Obama has publicly praised some of those very same hate-filled people that are knee-deep in Chicago style thuggary politics. Some of his administration and followers have been caught on camera and tape espousing extreme politics, Hugo Chavez Governing, indoctrinating your children and advocating those “imaginary” Government Death Panels that the Obama worshipers denounced Sarah Palin over when she asked about the possibility in the Obamacare Reform legislation.  Many of his handpicked advisors/Czars have turned out to be anti-freedom of thought extremists whose ideal of hope and change would be turning this country into their dream version of Communist China. Perhaps selecting advisors wanting to change our country from a democracy to a Marxist State was what Obama meant by his campaign hope-and-change rhetoric?

His transparent government promise was tossed out the window almost immediately. Like what has become long-term standard operating procedure for politics in the State of Illinois – the Obama led Democrats in Congress have closed the Congress doors so they could operate their Chicago and Illinois style of clandestine good-old-boy politics. That is a political style that has our State of Illinois teetering on the edge of bankruptcy.  The Illinois politcal style of closing/locking  doors to discussion and bankrupting the government – is that what Obama meant by his hope-and-change campaign promise?

And along with the Obama promise of transparency his promise of integrity was also flushed down the toilet after his election. Obama and the Congress have shut the debate doors when it comes to designing and passing legislation. President Obama has personally setup 1984ish website where good little boys and girls can turn in their parents and neighbors for expressing impure non Obama-worshiping thoughts. Obama has gathered around an Obama worshiping squad of media members and organizations to squelch opposition to his policies. The Obama White House has even hired individuals, like a Hugo “No Free Speech” Chavez loving FCC director and Anita Dunn, whose job it is to spy and lead attacks on any media if they question his Chicago style political kingdom. Is doing away with the first amendment and creating a Marxist Government, the real hope-and-change Obama campaigned about?

Keep repeating that Obama Mantra – Hope-and-Change Hope-and-Change Hope-and-Change! It helps deaden the mind to the reality living in the Obama  Mantra. Keep repeating it as  Obama and his cronies whisk away US freedoms with his business as usual Washington DC good old boy politics. It makes you wonder what is the next Obama Mantra – the audacity of: All Hail Emperor Caesar?



  1. The good news is that people are finally catching on—for the first time since Obama became POTUS a majority (52%) think our country is headed in the wrong direction.

  2. Of course the federal political scene is still a locked door unless you are willing to kneel before the two major parties. There is no competition because Washington is a closed system.

  3. So true, but divided government is still better than one-party government—by EITHER party.

  4. [“So true, but divided government is still better than one-party government—by EITHER party.”]

    Divided government does seem to offer less intrusive governing that one party rule. I am hoping that the Libertarian or some other similar Party starts to push the Democrats and Republicans back towards sanity.

  5. I don’t see any third party push on either the Dems or GOP, but if Hoffman wins in NY I hope that will send a message to all those “compassionate conservatives” that the game is over—either espouse small government and low taxes or have your keester kicked to the curb.

    Leftwingers only account for 20% of the electorate—if there ain’t a charismatic, silver-tongued, historic cool black dude in the race they are doomed to obscurity.

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