Posted by: thescoundrel | October 30, 2009

Frankenstein Unleashed – Trick or Treat

Caution the following mostly non-fiction frightening tale is steeped with real-life terror and may be too intense for children. It may also be too horror-laden with modern-day reality-checks for some adults. But Halloween is upon us and so I guess a real live tale of bloodcurdling proportions is appropriate. The fiction parts all belong to Big Government- daring to create a real-life monster, that no man or woman could possible perceive.

Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, all of the Great Social projects raped by Congressional Pork Projects and approaching bankruptcy. Excessively patched obsolete roads, highways and bridges built for the 1950’s and 1960’s traffic despite the infrastructures constant transfusions of semi-truckloads of cash. Local, State and Federal educational and protection services undermanned, outgunned and often expected to perform their jobs with their hands tied behind their backs despite oppressive taxes laden upon the public. Congress is cheering and patting each other on the back for designing more pork laden stimulus packages. Led by a giddy President, scandal ridden advisors, our already money-drunken Congress is bullying and championing support among the more frugal and skeptical members to combine two unread -Halloween Appropriate- Monster-sized Congressional Proposals totaling almost Four-Thousand Pages in order to create one Gigantic Phantasm of Congressional Legislation. As pointed out by local blogger QCExaminer even our local Party-Selected Congressman Philobluster Hare is rushing to take credit for creating this monster. Big surprise there for us in the 17th district of Obamaland. NOT! These proposals will be rushed through Congress as fast as the Team Obama Socialists can push them through the legislative process. The final Congressional Phantasm will never be read by most of the Congress and will-not/could-not be understood by most of those that actually do attempt to read the final product, whose actual translation will take years upon years of legal haggling before even the most basic parts of translation will be settled. The piece of Frankenstein legislation has not even been created, nor will most of it take effect for years and already it is set for eternal legal damnation. Meanwhile the excited Congress continues to praise itself for creating their Frankenstein that they hope to soon release from any current legislative/public consternation and shackles. And despite a continual history of past and current Congressional Ethic Probes and Scandals – Congress and their Big Government Worshiping Disciples seem stunned that the more Conservative among us are unsettled, by their unquestioning desire to add another Big Government Run Frankenstein –like ObamaCare, which has not been finished, will not be finished by the time it is voted in or voted down, which if that legislation stands that is written will have the Palin mentioned  death panels, will have a federally funded abortion window, will have Pelosi spurred tax increases effecting most and is basically legislation that will never be completely read or understood by any of the legislature and public. The bill/s is/are basically a Phantom Project that is set to be funded with Phantom Money— to join the other almost bankrupt Big Government Social Programs. You have to ask why the President and so many in Congress are so giddy over creating this new Monster? The answer is simple if you look at the history of all the other teetering programs, barely surviving despite a constant transfusion of taxpayer’s earnings that total more money than even God could count. It is not like Big Government is really all that concerned about Joe and Jane Average American – any further than to create Democrat and Republican Political Party Rhetoric to rally the voting troopers led by their servant/familiars like ACORN.  They are excited because, like very other Big Government program, the money they confiscate, to pay for this Frankenstein, from Joe and Jane Average American will be theirs to play with. As usual, once the money is allocated, they will constantly steal from Project Peter to create/pay for and keep Pork Project Paul afloat, while crying they need to raise more taxes to pay for their next special interest scheme. How appropriate the Congress has loosened the chains of this Frankenstein just days before Halloween Trick or Treats! Though I fear this Big Government Project is way more trick than treat. Happy Halloween! But this halloween – Be Afraid – Be Very Afraid as this Big Government Frankenstein Fantasy could become a real Big Government Monster of Terror.



  1. The most scary Halloween costume ever? Go as a replica of the HR 3962 house health care legislation weighing in at 1990 pages, 400,000 words at a lowballed projected cost of $894 billion which is only $2.24 million per word. Now that is scary!

  2. It’s Barack Obama’s dreamworld—we’re just livin’ the nightmare.

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