Posted by: thescoundrel | October 31, 2009

The DCCC Fears Sarah Palin and Tea Party Protestors

The further we get from the presidential elections of 2008 the more I have to shake my head and wonder if Sarah Palin is/was such an insignificant and hapless politician – why is it that the Democrat Party Organization fear her  so much?The same could be asked about their fear of the Tea Party Protesters, whom they also like to trivialize.

As I have stated on numerous occasions, when it comes to political affiliations, my family is split about 50-50 between Republicans and Democrats. And some of my family members get e-mails from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee on a regular basis. And I get to read lot of them. All of them are begging for money -most of them are hate-filled diatribes seeking to vilify a Republican Candidate or Conservative organization in an effort to scare the bejeebus out of the loyal rank and file members to fleece them out of the few farthings they have managed to save from oppressive Government Tax-Collectors.

The latest diatribe I got to view from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and James Carville was another hate-fest -using the “evil” Sarah Palin’s ability to raise funds for “Tea Party Nut Jobs“- as the DCCC begged my kin for money to fatten the Barack Obama and DCCC’s campaign war chest. ROFLMAO -Like he was going to send money to rich lawyers and politicians begging for campaign money. He is so tight with his money – he squeaks when he walks.

Still it makes a person wonder that if  Sarah Palin and the Tea Party Protesters are really a case of a dumb blonde surrounding herself with a bunch of Carville called- Tea Party Nut Jobs, as they try to paint and trivialize the Average Every-day American protesters, why do they with their self-proclaimed superior Progressive intellect need to demonize and disparage their DCCC-called –>low-caste opposition.



  1. How do Republicans get elected president? By presenting themselves as center-right candidates. For example, George Bush campaigned to be the Education President, promising action on federal education policy.

    I think the DNC cannot imagine a better stroke of fortune than for the Republicans to nominate Palin.

  2. [“How do Republicans get elected president? By presenting themselves as center-right candidates”]

    It has become common practice for all Presidential candidates to present themselves as Center-of-the-road candidates. The reason is simple there are pretty much set amounts of people that will vote for a left leaning candidate and a right wing candidate. The rest of the voting population jump back and forth between their selections. I very much fit that pattern. I voted for Carter once, Reagan twice, Bush Sr. twice, Clinton once, Gore once, Bush Jr. once and John McCain simply because he looked like the least worse of two bad choices. Barack Obama is/was the most left-leaning presidential candidate of my voting lifetime -excepting Ted Kennedy. Yet he presented himself as an agent of change and ran his campaign as a centrist. Yet his voting record here in Illinois at State and Federal levels displayed far left liberal. As to George Bush, he was exactly what I expected from him after listening to his campaign. He was a social conservative – a military hawk – that was all over the spectrum when attempting to define his fiscal policy performance. And as much as the Democrat party loved to hate George Bush, in many ways he was very much a common 60’s and early-70’s type of Democrat.

  3. Very well said. I think that’s how the center of the electorate, myself — and apparently, you — included, have tended to behave. And that is why Democrats relish the thought of Palin running for president. Just as Republicans would love nothing more than to see, oh, Nancy Pelosi as the Democratic candidate.

  4. The Palin Fear and Loathing Campaign continues apace. Yesterday on one of the Sunday gab shows, former Obama minion Plouffe said Palin is the gift that keeps on giving—to Democrats.

    You know darn well if she was really a nothing-burger, Plouffe wouldn’t have taken the time to offer this “free” advice to “help” the GOP.

    The truth is that the old, grumpy white RINO’s campaign was going nowhere until he chose Palin is VP—and then she was promptly undermined by McCain’s own political advisers—sheesh!


    One of the unexpected pleasures of living in a bipartisan household is that we get propaganda from BOTH parties, although lately is mostly from Dems.

    I can’t tell you how thrilling it was to receive an invitation to Phil Hare’s “Fall Country Jamboree” featuring “chili & hot dog dinner, great music & OPEN BAR!!!!”. The caps and exclamation marks are how it appeared on the invite. I wanted to go for the OPEN BAR!!!! but Mr. Examiner locked me in the basement—OK, just joking, at least about the basement part.

    Then I got a four page letter from my new best friend, Barack Obama that contained many unintentionally hilarious bits—like the one where Barry exhorts me to open my wallet for the DNC/Organizing For America because “I am counting on you to help me change politics as usual. Now, this is no easy challenge. We are up against special interest with disturbingly large amounts of money, and they know every trick in the book—to stall, to water down and to defeat true reform”.

    I thought he was talking about Big Labor and trial lawyers above and when he wrote “this is when the Washington Establishment and lobbyists are at their strongest.”

    But I guess he was talking about anti-leftwing agenda lobbyists/establishment instead—it’s so easy to get confused these days! 🙂

  5. I think Center Square is correct in that many of the DCCC would love to see Palin as the Republican Candidate. But hey also see her as a catalyst to drum up support among those on the left who fear any candidate that does not have taught stitches connecting the candidate to Bi-Coastal Liberalism and/or Ivy league Schools. Look at Obama he was tied to Ivy league schools during the campaign to give him that higher education shine that supposedly only comes from the more snooty educational systems. The detractors could be correct in their assumption in that a Palin candidacy would stir up enough prejudice by painting her as an uneducated bumpkin to get the votes out. But then the most hated President of the left – George Bush2 has an Ivy league pedigree.

    I liked Palin much better than I did McCain or any other candidate. Not because I think she was a genius – political or other wise. I could be wrong – But she came across as the real deal when it comes to agent of change. Perhaps my cynicism is poking through – in a bizarre kind of way I was kind of glad McCain/Palin lost. Not because I liked Obama/Biden but because I do not think a real candidate of change could do anything other than spin their wheels in the political swamp of Washington DC at this moment in time.

    For real change to take effect people are going to have to get so fed up with the DC corruption they literally clean house in the Congress. They partially did the job back when the Republicans took over both houses of Congress. The problem was absolute power corrupts. And the Republican Congress turned out to be the same stinkers as those that they replaced. Not long after I started blogging I proposed that we needed to remake the system where neither party could lay claim to complete control of the the Congress and the Presidency and/or we need a viable third party. The Democrats and Republicans have fixed the system so that they can just keep the voters on the outside looking in when it comes to true reform. If the system does not fix itself I could see a day when people get so tired of the two-party corruption we could see violence.

  6. I’m with Scoundrel on most of this, but I think Obama is proving himself to be the real deal as an agent of change. Isn’t that exactly the problem the right wing has with him? He is implementing change after change after change, but just not what they would like to see.

    But again, mostly I agree. The basis for our current disastrous state of affairs is our two party system, and especially the f***ed up (right and left both) House of Representatives it gives us.

    A viable third party, proposing to govern from the center? I’m all in. BRING IT ON!!!!!!

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