Posted by: thescoundrel | November 4, 2009

2009 Elections Over

The election following the one-year anniversary of Barack Obama is over and the results are in – both sides won both sides lost. 🙂 Whew, thank God! Sigh 😦 – Let the two-Party Election Spin begin!!! I am sure both the Democrat and Republican Parties shall have ample supplies of Hopium to spread around for their followers as they lay claim to their spoils of victory and moan about their wounds of defeat. As following any election – each party will hurrah the victory and attempt to spin the casualties while hoping they have enough Hopium to satiate the true believers. And both sides of the two major political parties will point out the victories point out that the voting public has given them a mandate to fulfill! Oops, Is my cynicism/realism mode showing? Well since everyone else will be dishing out their opinion surrounding various elections and the secret meaning behind the results – Me To! On with the show this it!

My evaluation of the 2009 elections is as follows- state level elections, on a non-Presidential election year, will often give you a result more tuned towards state politics – because those years lack the sporadic voters that only show up for the Big Top Extravaganzas that surround Presidential elections. That bit of opinion will net you exactly bupkiss; unless you happen to be at my morning table when I am serving up my infamous peanut-butter oats in my 32 oz. Anchor-Hocking breakfast bowls, while I am also dishing out side-orders of my political musings. Breakfast at my table is kind of like Halloween Trick or Treats. The value -of trick or treat- varies by recipient. Still, I shall share some of my post election thoughts in later posts.



  1. Considering Independents now outnumber Republicans or Democrats, I accept your assertion. However, this was not in any way a referendum on Obama, his numbers are still quite high.

  2. I think exit poll show clearly that most -not all- people were voting issues not Obama. I am kool with that. I prefer people vote issues not personalities. One (CNN?) poll I watched did disclose some anti-Obama voting and some support-Obama voting. That is to be expected. I am kool with that also.

    However I do think that the rush away from key Democrat candidates was a message to Obama, the Democrat Party and the Republican Party a lot of people are unhappy for several different reasons but mostly because both parties and their candidates -like Obama- run as change. However – like Obama- they revert to exactly the opposite. Obama has not been a candidate of change -except where it concerns moving the country further left. That is not change – that is a pendulum swing that offers more of the same back and forth swings. The swing vote decides US elections. My belief is that it will continue to swing back and forth even more quickly until both parties clean up their politics.

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