Posted by: thescoundrel | November 6, 2009

ObamaCare -No Dissent Allowed

Team Obama member Nancy Pelosi continues to bully opponents within her own party that disagree with voting for her version of Obamacare. Pelosi is determined to push her own personal agenda over the tops of concerns of party legislators that live in and represents  voting regions that do not worship the Pelosi East/West Coast ultra-liberal progressivism, no matter the political costs to more conservative party members. The 2009 election has already displayed a voting public that is backing away from the hidden nightmares of Obamacare. Pelosi’s thuggish tactics on Democrat Legislators living in more conservative regions could end up costing those Democrats coming up for reelection  -their seats in Congress- if they succumb to Pelosi’s intimidation tactics. Team Obama lives among a world of progressives that imagines and characterizes those whom offer up dissent towards their Marxist agenda as fanatics and racists whom offer up insignificant fanatic and racist thoughts and opinions.



  1. Thank the gods our own specially selected congressman isn’t subject to Pelosi’s thuggish tactics—Hare’s one burning desire is to give her back rubs and foot massages.

    Thank you 17th CD Democrat elites for giving us Nancy Pelosi’s cabana boy. 🙂

  2. 😆 You speak the ABSOLUTE facts! 😥

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