Posted by: thescoundrel | November 10, 2009

The Team Obama Magic Show

A great magician like David Copperfield is successful because he can tell you of the illusion he is about to stupefy your mind with and is still able to offer up distractions that allow him to fool your mind into missing the reality behind the illusion.

Team Obama along with attack dog Nancy Pelosi has just extorted and bribed the House version of Obamacare through the House of Representatives voting process. On November 9th Iowa Congressman Bruce Braley was in the Quad Cities pimping out that US House legislative version of Obamacare by using his attempts at the magic of distraction. Bruce Braley is not David Copperfield. Like a bad magician incapable of averting your eyes from the trick of the performance -Braley’s message to the media was ignore all the bad parts and just look at the illusionary big picture.

There is a reason the Obama/Congressional attempts at health care reform continue to lose support –the contents of the legislation in both the House and the Senate is full of rotten produce and no matter how much you look at the big picture – the rotten spots have permeated the product and cannot be hidden by a Congressional Magic Show. The “big picture” of Team Obamas health care plan is so full of rotten ingredients it has spoiled the whole creation. And even the most expert Congressional magic could not distract the stench coming from this legislation. And sadder yet an included component of this legislation, that could distinctly win increased support from the public- a written reaffirmation against government funded abortions – in all likelihood will windup getting cut from the final recipe by the Congress. And considering the increased expense it adds to the already gigantic tax costs wrapped up in this legislation  – it would not surprise me if the elimination of pre-eisting conditions legislation eventually wound up cut from the legislation.  Meanwhile Congressmen, like Braley, will travel the country putting on their phony magic shows attempting to sell the country on this expensive product made-up of mostly rancid ingredients. Of course their Congressional illusions only work if the voters allow the Congressional deceptions to confuse the public mind.



  1. It will probably get crazier when the great persauder Bill Clinton works his special magic.

  2. I know Braley isn’t my congressman, but he is still a disappointment.

    From the time he was first elected it was obvious he was a liberal, but I figured him to be a moderate liberal, since eastern Iowa isn’t exactly leftwingerland, and he seem thoughtful and intelligent, unlike our specially selected kneecapper.

    The DC virus must have gotten to him—either that or I was way off the mark in my assessment.

  3. I am sure Billy-Boy is chomping at the bits to be back in the limelight ❗

    I read a comment on QCOnline that stated the house version of health care legislation was like a cake frosted with manure. I think it the commenter was being kind. The frosting on this cake is no better than most of the components that went inside to create the cake. Yuck!

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