Posted by: thescoundrel | November 11, 2009

Who Joe Biden

Year-after-year I watch people interviewed on the big-city streets fumble around like imbeciles when asked basic questions concerning the country we live in. And I would think being able to name the current vice president of the United States of America an easy question for any US adult at or near voting age. Yet in a recent man on the street interview – only about one-third of the big-city adults questioned, the same regions that always vote overwhelmingly liberal,  could name Joe Biden as VP of the United States. Yikes! Heck I am just a barely educated 29+ year-old hillbilly from a little country school  and certainly no Joe Genius,  but at least I can easily name the Presidents and Vice Presidents all the way back through Eisenhower/Nixon. And yet year-after-year the big-city strongholds of progressive liberalism continue to undazzle me with their historical knowledge of politics. Do they teach anything in the big city schools other than sex, drugs and rock-n-roll?



  1. Today on the way into work on some station I was listening to the guy DJ asked the girl DJ some questions from an 8th grade civics class exam from 195x (can’t remember the year). Now, the questions weren’t difficult, the ones I can remember were:

    Which branch makes the laws
    How long a senator is elected

    But these two talked like look at us, aren’t we amazing for being able to answer the questions correctly.

    It’s one of those, it’d be funny if it wasn’t so confusing/stupid kinds of things.

  2. I’ve wondered about that myself some times but believe I came up an answer. It explains how this administration got elected.

  3. You’re a better man than I am S since I could remember all the POTUS, but the VPOTUS—not so much. It took me hours before the name of GHWB’s VP suddenly popped into my head.

    Not to excuse national ignorance, but considering all the hype, celebrity and glamour surrounding The Won, it is hardly surprising few remember Biden’s name—they probably think Obama is single-handedly running the entire Executive branch. 🙂

  4. Brad I am no expert but one thing I have realized is that we Americans are poor vessels when it comes to retaining whatever political knowledge we have studied. And from what I have seen many Americas could not pass the tests immigrants are expected to take to earn citizenship. Ouch!

    Cruiser our citizens suck at basic government understanding. But it amazed me listening to those on that link. They knew the man they elected president, Obama, but fumbled badly on Joe Biden.

    LOL at the Won running the whole show. I guess Truman did do that for a while after the death of FDR. But if you like comedy most of the vice presidents since Eisenhower/Nixon are pretty easy to remember. TV and Comedians have made comedic fodder out of practically every VP starting with Nixon. “I don’t care what they say- I am going to keep Checkers anyway.” That was a line about VP Nixon’s sorrow that turned into a lifetime of comedic material. Perhaps the worst confusion would be during the quick change of faces during the Nixon Presidential administration. I am not sure how they treated LBJ under JFK but he is easy to remember because of the JFK assasination. Happy Hubert Humphrey and Spiro Agnew were great material for David Frye if you can still find his tapes. Ford succeeded Agnew, then was promoted to Prez after Nixon’s resignation which prompted the selection of Nelson Rockefeller another comedic target even before he become VP. Carter selected Mondale – whom along with Gerald Ford was a combo that was fodder for Saturday Night Live. I do not remember much comedy about Bush1 when he was VP but once he became Prez his thousand points of light was a regular SNL skit. Quayle whom was very Mondale-like in his official presence plus his potato-potatoe spelling bee lesson was also regular late night comedy. Gore was another VP in a long line of VP-mannequins which was also great material for SNL and other comedians. Dick Cheney was used in numerous skits -especially his hunting skills- but he will probably be as best remembered for scaring the bejeebus out of liberals as much as the comedy used against him. VP’s are always targets for modern comedians – which is probably why it is usually pretty easy for me to remember them.

  5. People not knowing historical facts doesn’t bother me too much. What bothers me is when people giggle about it or aren’t at least somewhat embarrassed about it.

  6. Hmmmm, I see now was wrong to limit Examiner Jr.’s TV time when he was young—I obviously stunted his intellectual growth! 😀

  7. Brad I do not mind some lack of knowledge but lets be real being unaware of the “newly” elected vice president in this era of media over-exposure is really inexcusable. As to the laughing part – I can actually understand some laughing. Nervous laughing is a very common reaction when a person has just become embarrassed from sort of 😳 exposure. It is a common defensive measure for some. Others -not so much. Some people just think it is funny to be to stoned to care, lazy and/or just plain stupid. There is no response I know of explanation for those individuals or why they even bother to vote or participate in society. Perhaps they hope it will get them laid.

    LOL QCEx. Hey just remember those real and faux Nixon phrases made famous by comedians. “I did it. I Won. I am finally going to be governor of California!” “I am the President – and make no mistake about that!” “I am not a crook!” “Rosemary take a memo – Dear Dick you are doing a magnificent job…. You are what I call an activist President… Now read that back and let me here some feeling.” “Now let me ask this – say I gave you dollars for that marijuana cigarette.” Or perhaps you prefer Happy Hubert’s ten greatest concession speeches. ” I concede, I concede or the memorable I do concede.” “Buy a used car from you Dick?” “Dick it’s the middle of the night, what are you doing here?” “Well Lyndon I just got the election results and come to look the place over.” “Company coming up Lady Bird, beautify yourself.” LOL. Politicians make for great humor, especially Nixon. And I am not even all that hostile over the Nixon years like most people. But he was a jerk and easy to make fun of.

    I am a big fan of David Frye and Mark Russell comedy

    Some David Frye examples at Amazon–>

    Mark Russell site–>

    *History will record that at the end of 2002 UN weapons inspectors were transferred from Iraq to the less challenging North Korea where the nuclear bombs were easier to find.

    *If “Dancing with the Stars” were truly a reality show, Tom DeLay’s dance partner would be a lobbyist.

    *DeLay will participate in the following dance categories: The Fraudulent Foxtrot, the Bribery Bolero, the Sleazy Samba and the Money-Laundering Lambada.

    *The Nobel Committee has bestowed the Peace Prize for 2009 on President Obama and all I can say is, it’s about time.

    *Obama was notified that he was the winner when the folks from Publishers Clearing House showed up at his door.

  8. Oh nervous laughter would be fine … As a sometime-nervous laugh-er myself I should know the difference. ha … ha … ha ha?

    I agree about your saying that comedy has made political knowledge more wide-spread. BUT, it’s bad because I would bet a lot of folks my age get their news from the Daily Show, and that’s it. It’s fine if people have their political preference one way or the other, but it’s unfortunate to get biased news. (I haven’t watched his show in a while, but I felt like he was leaning hard left to try and sway votes – and I prefer to dislike politicians on both sides).

    And in my area (SF bay area) I would bet the vote to get laid works.

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