Posted by: thescoundrel | November 13, 2009

Someone to Watch Over Us

In a move that should have surprised no one that follows the kiss-ass relationship between local Quad City press and the political scat/talking points that is exported straight from the mouths of the Rock Island County Democratic Politburo – the Rock Island Argus/Moline Dispatch proved that it does not matter which reporters name is on the byline – they will leave the investigative journalism and challenging questions locked up inside the cobweb encrusted safe, that the local media has left untouched for years. In the most recent interview of Congressman Philobluster Hare by our local watchdogs, err… politburo-bootlicking pooches, the Dispatch/Argus managed to prove that the patronizing of politician reporting skills of the D/A journalists are capable of breaking the gender barriers. Yes instead of the normal D/A male dominated journalistic word-for-word recital of Philoblusters reverberation of Pelosi/Reid/Obama rhetorical promotions –—- the job of repeating the National Democratic Politburo platform was handed off to a female, Brandy Donaldson. Well done Brandy – you’ve come a long way and proved yourself as capable of marketing copy as your male political advertising counterparts. Maybe you could also pick up a few advertising tips from watching AMC’s Madmen, an excellent and introspective show of the 1960’s advertising world. Now get in there with your D/A equals and Sell-Sell-Sell!!! I would say this is just the Dispatch/Argus’ way of crying for their share federal bailout money – but unfortunately,  as QCExaminer is often pointing out – it seems just repeating Philobluster Hare and the local Democratic Politburo word-for-word has been standard-operating-procedure for our local watchdogs, err… sorry about that, politburo-bootlicking pooches for practically forever. Ahh isn’t it nice to have such valiant pooches, someone to watch over me? However there seems to be a problem as the watchers’ loyalty has become passive and even taken sides with the thieves they are supposed to be guarding us from.



  1. I’m more inclined to give Donaldson a pass. From what I know of her, she is young (and from Arkansas) and just out of J-school and doesn’t know about the local scoundrels (no offense intended!).

    I do fault her editors (Joe Payne, I think) who should be mentoring her on the ways of the RICO Politburo.

    But whatever—the D/A doesn’t afflict the powerful—it enables it!

  2. I meant no disrespect towards Donaldson. I have read her articles before. This rant is at the system. The D/A seems to have left the job of journalism and instead dedicated itself to political advertisement. The reporter in question was simply doing what was requested of her – make no waves and write a political advertisement instead of creating an investigative journalism article. Of course the problem for her is – no waves, no separation. She winds up just a pawn stuck among other pawns all being sacrificed for the papers revenue.

    But then maybe the days of investigative journalism are over and already dying a slow lingering death and this is the less intrusive way of the system entombing itself.

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