Posted by: thescoundrel | November 16, 2009

NIMBY – GITMO – Gilligans Island

It seems that the GITMO detainees have once again popped up on his holiness Pope Barack Obama the First’s radar. That is good news and bad news. The good news is we need to quit pussyfooting around with these people being held in prison and serve up whatever portion of justice they have coming. The bad news is, his holiness still wants to remove them from their Cuba based prison and place them in prisons inside the main borders of the US for trials. Worse yet the Thompson Illinois Prison, close to the Quad Cities, is one of those under consideration for their relocation. Normally, I am not a big NIMBY person but in this case I say clearly – not in our backyard, not inside our state or not even inside the main borders of the US. GITMO is the best place to give them their complete justice.

Some are worried about the possible escape of prisoners or prison riot possibilities of these terrorists. Those are possibilities. I am more worried about the possibility of sympathetic criminal elements moving in to the area to get close to their jihadist friends and family and underground terrorist pipelines forming through that association made possible by the lunatic judges and hate on America organizations -like the ACLU- that toss away justice in this country by protecting criminals with glitches in the system. It only takes ONE Crazy Judge and ONE Bloodthirsty  Jihadist to make an act of terror possible. I am not interested in seeing multiple Pachino Hill-like opportunities created for a jihadist by some fringe judge that decides – because terrorist-X was too short, too fat or was not allowed to watch reruns of Gilligans Island while he was incarcerated, thus he should be set free and given the opportunity to reign violent destruction upon this district, state or country. In this case I am a strong proponent of NIMBY. No thank you Obama – I have no desire for jihadists to be relocated to my backyard! At least if they are freed on GITMO they can be dropped off anywhere in the World without ever entering the US. Perhaps someplace like  Gilligans Island could be arranged for their future home.



  1. I haven’t made up my mind about this yet.

    Personally, I think they should stay at Gitmo but Obama seems hell-bent on bringing them to the US, and he’ll likely get his way.

    My main concern is security. Earlier Durbin said detainees should only be housed in super-max facilities, which Thomson isn’t. These people aren’t the run-of-the-mill prisoners and I fear there could be “surprises” no one anticipated—and I am so not convinced or reassured by the loathsome Durbin’s promises that all will be well.

  2. Leave them in Gitmo. The way our justice system works they would probably walk on technicalities anyway. Then we also have too many targets in the area. Between the Arsenal, the Nuclear Power Plant, and Chicago their fellow terrorists could really get destructive.

  3. I see in the dispatch the various politicians are taking different views on how to access the “opportunity”. My take it is safer for everyone if the trials and justice served is off shore. Heck I am still open to freeing them all, giving them a nice warm burqua, strap a fresh ham on their back, load them on cargo planes, drop them off in the Arctic Ocean and let them swim home. We should even dispatch a couple of battleships to make sure their swim home was uninterrupted by any passing ships seeking to interrupt their swim.

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