Posted by: thescoundrel | November 19, 2009

Quinn and Durbin Throw Out Welcome Mat to Terrorists

In what seems like a full-court press by the Dispatch/Argus, QCOnline has posted rah-rah articles from Illinois Politicians, a Brandy Donaldson rah-rah article and even a D/A editorial-parroting of our local politician’s cheerleading ovations about the idea of locating Muslim terrorists at the Thompson Prison located in our district. According to the D/A editorial (which was basically Pat Quinn talking points) it is a huge opportunity to add great paying job/s to the area, while actually having prisoners sited in an expensive prison the State does not use – despite considerable overcrowding in other Illinois prisons.

Well there is no doubt the costly to build and upkeep Thompson prison without tenants was poor planning and implementation by our State government. The Dispatch/Argus readership displayed an unfavorable attitude towards moving the terrorists into a facility so close to the Quad City area in the QCOnline poll they posted. As I stated in my previous post – I personally think the risks far outweigh any possible gains. Still local and State level politicians, now joined by the Dispatch/Argus, continue to ignore the public’s discontent over the decision to pursue jihadist tenants for the prison. Is it a great opportunity to add high-end jobs in the region- probably, though the debate is still ongoing as to the real financial gains! The real question, which the editorial avoided – does the risk outweigh the gains? I suppose it all depends upon how you weigh the risks and gains. Why take the unnecessary risk,  is the real question!

I am not sure why the D/A is on the bandwagon to sell out our safety. But for members of the State of Illinois Government, it is all about the Benjamins.  I believe former Judge John Donald O’Shea hit a homerun in his article/evaluation of the situation. The State of Illinois is so cash strapped from years of reckless State Government waste and corruption that they are willing risk the safety of the citizens of this district and State to gather in the considerable cash the Obama administration will offer to the State that houses these dangerous criminals.

You say how can they be dangerous? After all they will be locked up under strict supervision by prison and military personnel. So what? That has never stopped any other dangerous criminals from operating their dirty activities from behind bars. Sympathetic lawyers can act as go between among locked-up criminals and outside criminal cohorts. Guards can make mistakes. Some guards could even be sympathetic to their causes. All it takes is one jihadist like the recent terrorist, whom murdered many military personnel in Fort Hood Texas, to create a similar event of terror at the local level. Plus once on mainland soil some hate on America organization,  like the ACLU, will be doing their best to make it possible for these jihadists to lessen any restrictions that prison/military/government  offcials attempt create. It is what they do. Those types of nutroot organizations motto is  -screw the average citizen and let the criminals can wreak havoc on society. It makes no sense to move these terrorists to mainland USA and create risk. There is no justice here that cannot be served in the more appropriate GITMO prison, where they are already located. But our greedy Governor Pat Quinn along with Senator Dick Durbin and many other government  that are supposed to be serving the citizens of the State of Illinois have got dollar signs in their eyes. The politicians are willing to throw out a welcome mat to terrorists and risk the safety of the citizens of this State and District for thirty pieces of silver from the Obama Administration.


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