Posted by: thescoundrel | November 19, 2009

Team Obama Still Wagging that Dog

I have been thinking about the reasons why Team Obama member Eric Holder insists on bringing the terrorists stateside to prosecute. Some are suggesting that it is a profit motivated event for Holder and his lawyer cronies. That would not surprise me as politics has become all about the grab for money. It certainly not for the terrorists personal safety, because they are already located in a safer place for them to be incarcerated, than being tossed among some of the various already overcrowded stateside prisons. It is certainly not because it is safer for the public with the terrorists awaiting trials near rural and metropolitan communities. It is certainly not because they can receive any justice stateside that they cannot receive where they are already located. It is certainly not a cost factor, as I heard estimates that cash-strapped New York will be saddled with millions of dollars in expenses -that they cannot afford- to prosecute the terrorists placed in their system. So what does that leave for the rest of Team Obama’s reasoning? Wag the dog? Team Obama’s Marxist agenda has been meeting with considerable public resistance, so much so, that the Obama personal  ratings have plummeted and he has even discussed the possibility of not running for a second term. What better way for Obama to stir up his electorate than putting the terrorists on trial here inside mainland USA? It is a good gamble for Team Obama. The trials will be a high profile media circus and if they mange to successfully prosecute the terrorists, it will certainly boost his public image. And if they get off through some legal technicality – Team Obama will still win some support as they will spin the loss to Blame GW Bush. That would incite the core of Team Obama’s base – the Bush Deranged. And should a terror event arise from out of the wag the dog operation; Team Obama would still find a way to Blame Bush. It is what they have done from day one since they took office. It is how they fuel their followers. And places surrounding the prisons containing the jihadists, like the Quad Cities, will face terrorist danger all for Team Obama’s quest for glory and poll ratings.


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