Posted by: thescoundrel | November 20, 2009

2012 the End is Near

I took Thursday as an escape from normalcy day and went to Great Escape Movies Theater in Moline to watch the new movie 2012! I was not disappointed.

I really like the Moline theater for the most part. The Davenport Showcase Cinemas should feel ashamed and must feel bathroom envy. The GEM parking is adequate though not great. I do think they really need a stoplight located at the their shared intersection with Wal-Mart. Though if I were an advertiser with the location I would be screaming holy hell at the film quality of the pre-movie advertisements. I could barely view some of the paid advertisements. Now on to the show.

The movie 2012 could have spent a great deal of time dealing with ethical questions on how man and government should proceed during times of catastrophic disasters. They didn’t. The  science, religion and moralizing is kept to a minimum in this movie. It is a big budget disaster movie along the lines of Independence Day. There is a lot of action in this movie. The movie was a hold in your breakfast rollercoaster moment from start to finish. Leave your thinking cap at home –you do not really need it to enjoy this flick.

John Cusack (my favorite Cusack Movies are America’s Sweethearts and Grosse Pointe Blank) has the lead role and his character eats up most of the screen time as the divorced dad trying to get his ex-wife, played by Amanda Peet, and kids to safety. But the English actor, Chiwetel Ejiofor (he was the assassin/operative in Serenity) and Oliver Platt really have the juiciest parts in the movie. Ejiofor plays a soul-searching scientist fighting with his emotions while trying to save what he can of the World. And Oliver Platt plays a hard-edged politician selling seats on the rescue arks to finance a world wide rescue project for a minimum amount of survivors and whom calmly lies to his elderly mother on the phone, informing her all is right with the world and he will see her next week, at the very moment he is he preparing to abandon her and the majority of the world’s population to the ravages of a natural disaster. Woody Harrelson plays a shaggy-haired pickle-munching doomsday prophet who is transmitting government conspiracy stories from his radio mounted in a recreational vehicle located in Yellowstone Part. Harrelson’s final scene in the movie is memorable. The special effects are awesome. I really enjoyed the movie.



  1. Glad you had a good experience at the movies—the ones I’ve seen lately have been meh.

    I had read some reviews of 2012 and when I saw that Danny Glover (I think) was playing a dithering black POTUS, I figured the movie would be just another example of “art imitates life”. 🙂

    Lately, when I want to “escape from normalcy”, I go hiking at one of the state parks—I want to visit them all before the wackos in Springfield decide to sell them to Disney for theme parks.

  2. That is the first movie I have been to in several months. I really enjoyed it. Glover’s part in the movie is not much of factor. He comes across as a sympathetic Prez trying to save what he can of the world but the mover/shaker US politician part in the show belongs to Oliver Platt as an ends justify the means character. Glover did not get to champion Hugo Chavez even once in the movie. Hey but the movie was not really heavy into politics, morality, science or even the Mayan calendar connection to 2012. They were all touched on but none were allowed to distract from the special effects actions. 😉

    Good luck on the hiking that is a lot better lifestyle hobby choice than my setting in front of my bigscreen and at the movie theater. Still I highly recommend to stay away from snakes, especially rattlesnakes. I am pretty much like Indiana Jones – I hate snakes!

  3. Hey, I’m no big snake fan myself, but I don’t have to go to a state park to see one—I’ve seen ’em in my backyard.

    I now avoid that area of the property, but I’m thinking I may have either run them off or rendered them permanently deaf considering how loud I shrieked when I saw them. 😀

  4. I have no love for snakes still most of the snakes I have seen up in this area have been non-poisonous. I do remember seeing a few copperheads in my younger days when we fished out by Hennepin Canal. Those are nasty and I kept my distance. When I was kid and we still lived much further south- rattlesnakes and copperheads were plentiful in that area of the State. My dads uncle once got his picture in the paper as he and another guy had killed a rather large rattler out in the brush. It was like a badge of honor when the adults talked about killing off one of the critters. I do not miss living in rattlesnake country.

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