Posted by: thescoundrel | November 22, 2009

Let Confusion Reign

I just read an interesting article by Jessica Yellin on the CNN website. The article discusses a push by Congress to simplify the comprehension of contract term problems faced by practically every credit card carrying member of the public. I am sure the overwhelming majority of credit card customers would cheer such measures of clarification. Ms. Yellin quotes Chris Dodd of the Senate: “Americans deserve to receive clear and accurate information, to be protected from hidden fees and abusive terms, and to know that the financial products that they’re being offered are safe”. Still I am only able to laugh uncontrollably at the irony involved in the article and the Dodd statement. Let’s see the same Congressional government whom gives us piece after piece of unintelligible legislation crammed full of lawyereze, including the most recent mafia tactic efforts to pass the  2000 plus page Obamacare nightmare — the same group of legislators that hide away from the public in smoky back rooms devising that same legislation — the same group of legislators that continuously preach about transparency yet lie about and spin the translation of their legislation — that same group of legislators that lecture about governments accountability to the voting public while constantly selling out their votes to special interest groups — this same group of legislators that are masters of misdirection, lie, cheat and steal now tell me that they are going to write legislation that will simplify and clean-up contracts in the credit card industry!!! The only response I can say to that load of gibberish is — Let Confusion Reign!



  1. Yeah, I had exactly the same thought; more rules, regulations and laws that apply to others but not to the legislators that create these things.

    Transparency and accountability for thee, but not for me is the battle cry of our political class.

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