Posted by: thescoundrel | November 24, 2009

Phil Hare Puppet on a String

According to information located at,  our specially selected Congressman Phil Hare’s legislation record suggests that the blusterous one is a rank and file Democrat that tends to follow the leaders by cosponsoring other Congressmen’s legislation, whom in return do not cosponsor the Philobluster’s handful of sponsored legislation. Of the 22 bills Phil has sponsored since January of 2007, 18 never made it out of committee and three were enacted. The site also provides us with the link to which listed Phil’s campaign contributions as being 64% PAC contributions. An interesting number included in the totals, was that Phil evidently decided Phil Hare, Congressman for the 17th district of Illinois, was a bad investment – as self-financing totaled $00.00!

No real big secrets in any of those numbers. Those of us displeased with the Rock Island Co. Democratic Politburo hand-selecting of our Donut munching Congressman have long noticed that Phil was selected over voter preferred candidates because he was a party puppet. And his goose-stepping voting and speaking record –constantly mimicking the RICO and East/West Coast Democratic Party Elitist Politburo rhetoric- over the best interests of his Central Illinois constituents- displays he is out to be their puppet on a string.

Performers seem to adopt a theme song reflecting their projected façade so I hunted through the Internet and hopefully I found one for (as QCExaminer likes to say) our very own specially selected Congressman, Phil Hare.  Philobluster I found this one for you! Hope you like it.



  1. I’d never heard the Hives rendition of Puppet On A String—I always think of the Elvis version of that title. I will say the Hives lyrics are more interesting: “You got your brain from a hole in the ground”, “mind of a monkey”, “Rode into town on the back of what looked like a dead donkey”, etc. I don’t know anything about this group, but they should start a blog.

    Here’s my contribution to The Phil Hare Songbook.

  2. Dang! Screwed up the URL—try this.

  3. I actually found the Hives version while I was considering going with the Elvis version or “The Archies Version” . None of the versions are the same song. I kind of liked the Hives version. It’s not country but it has a unique sound.

    LOL I really love your addition. Here is the you tube version.

  4. Sticking with your Bee Gees direction here is another song the blustery one might want to consider using on the campaign trail.

  5. I Started A Joke is a good choice for The Phil Hare Songbook, except I might quibble that it was Evans and the Politburo who STARTED the joke—Hare IS the joke. 🙂

    Hmmmmm. Evans & The Politburo would be a great name for a band!

    Looking at your link to Gov.Track, I was reminded that Hare has a negative net worth—more liabilites and assets, which could explain why he votes for every spending bill that Pelosi throws out.

    So in that spirit, for my second contribution to The Phil Hare Songbook, I submit—this great Beatles classic.

    This is fun!

  6. 😆 Good one.

    LOL–> Akismet did not like your link and sent you into detention.

  7. Bummer! Akismet doesn’t like the Beatles—must be run by one of those Gen Y people. 🙂

  8. Shh –> Don’t tell anyone. I was playing Beatles music when wrote the post.

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