Posted by: thescoundrel | November 25, 2009

Chimp This Chimp That Hypocrisy

It is hard to decide whether to laugh or just shake my head over the hypocritical outrage being dispersed around the Internet by progressive whiners over a widely circulated repulsive photo of Michelle Obama altered to give her chimp features. The hypocritical screams of bigotry are mostly coming from the same channels that have for years cheered on chimp like illustrations or any other attempt of character assassination, through grotesque images of George Bush for the eight years he was President. Hell, the Democrat Party members still take great pride in imaging Bush as a chimp and any other derogatory comment that they can get published on numerous Progressive hate fest blog posts. So when I see the Michelle Obama image, am I supposed to be shocked that someone on the Internet might actually ridicule her image? Hardly, she has made herself into a political figure and cartooning political figures –in good taste or bad taste- has been the standard operating procedure from the beginning of our political system. During the Jefferson-Adams contests that Thomas Jefferson tried to demean John Adams by politically marketing Adams as a hermaphrodite. You say she is a first lady not a politician – not true. She is an activist first lady, which makes her a politician foremost. Lady Bird Johnson was the butt of jokes forever more because she wanted to beautify America by stopping littering. She was even lampooned over it following her death. You say well she is black and should not be exposed to being compared to a chimp. Hogwash, she is a primary focus politician and thus, unless we rewrite the rules, is fair game to both good and bad political image portrayals. Well its bigoted! Maybe, maybe not, with humor bigotry -is or is not- in the heart of the purveyor and unable to be determined unless it is admitted by that individual. And since we are on the discussion of chimps – if we are to believe the progressive Darwinians and PETA People, we are all just one big happy family of primates so why wouldn’t we all look like a monkey in the first place! The current braying is basically a  “Chimp This – Chimp That” created through  Progressive hypocrisy and hatred of anything that challenges their conception of the world we live in.  There are two ways to have equality in politics – either every politician is fair game or we live in a Demolition Man PC World saying have a Joy-Joy day, eating non-spicyfoods at Taco bell while aspiring to become 47 year old virgins that have long distance sex via mechanical devices .



  1. I think people just have to get over themselves. Although a lot of them wouldn’t believe it, the sun doesn’t revolve around them and in a decade nobody will remember them anyway.

  2. Did you see Mrs Obama at the State Dinner? The dress she was wearing suggested she would be dancing on the pole before night’s end.

  3. “and in a decade nobody will remember them anyway.”

    🙂 very true Cruiser. After a few years what was once a series of defining facts becomes a mostly fictional tale consisting of memories altered by time and the minds creativity.

    “The dress she was wearing suggested she would be dancing on the pole before night’s end.”

    Wow, anonymous you type that like it is a bad thing! It doesn’t matter whether you honey is Suzie Homemaker, Rosie the Riveter, Radha the Rocket Scientist or even Nikki Knockers – it is still a good thing if she likes to wear fishnet and thigh-high stockings. It helps add a little spice to the last dance.

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