Posted by: thescoundrel | November 27, 2009

Black Friday Avoidance 2009

Ho-Ho-Ho! It is once again Christmas Season. So for those of you looking to avoid the madness known as Black Friday Christmas shopping day here is another installment of theScoundrels version of less ordinary Christmas Gifts.

It seems what was a popular item last Christmas,  is once again an Internet shopping favorite. The Hillary Clinton Nutcracker seems in shot supply again. According to the purveyor – the 9″ version of Hillary with stainless steel thighs to crush your nuts is available in limited quantities and currently selling for $29.95. Hmm, it seems inflation must have hit Hillary now that she is Secretary of State, as I do believe these were being pimped out at $19.95 last year. Also available is the matching 9 1/2 ” Bill Clinton corkscrew, also currently selling for $29.95. Also available at the same site is the Barack Obama 6″ action figure. The president is available for only $24.95.  I am not sure how the fact that a Hillary Nutcracker and a Bill Clinton corkscrew are more valuable than & physically dwarf the Barack Obama action figure reflects on the current rank and file value of Obama administration. But they are all less ordinary Christmas gifts for your holiday gift giving! Link – to the tools.

Action dolls seem to be a growing industry for political and media figures. Over at Hereobuilders you can get your favorite past and present politicians including less ordinary choices like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Turbo Tax Tim Geithner, Obama the Joker, Joe the Plumber, Nancy Pelosi – complete with waterboard, multiple Sarah Palin figures – including Schoolgirl Sarah Palin. Not to be forgotten is your favorite media personalities like Beck, O’Reilly and Ogreman/Olberman. Plus special collector editions like Bernie Madoff and Illinois favorite Rod Blagojevich both only $149.95 each. (Perhaps proceeds are going to their defense funds – but I hope not.) Link to Political Action Dolls.

You say you are looking for something that makes your special honey standout from the crowd? Well I used to have a boss that kept a picture of himself taken with Gerald Ford, hanging behind his desk. So why not consider investing in a lifesize political card board cutout. They could have their picture taken with the image or just keep it around to take out as a wingman for a night out on the town.  Picture your special honey walking in to his or her favorite Quad City party or pub with Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, George Bush, Sarah Palin, Elvis Presley, Old Abe Lincoln or maybe even Marilynn Monroe in their arms! They would be the talk of the town! And all for only $90! Link to Dream Dates.

And finally, direct from the White House Gift Shop you can order White House charms, watches and jewelry. Perhaps you are looking for presidential baby items. White House Coins could make special stocking stuffers for those little coin collectors. Or maybe something for your family members to impress their friends and neighbors with: some special playing cards with the Presidential Seal or White House on the back – they would be great conversational pieces when pulled out to play with on poker night.  Those or many other selections are available without leaving your house today,  from the White House Gift Shop.

For those of you that have to work today, for those of you shopping at home or amongst the madness, for those of you just recovering from Thanksgiving misbehavior and for those of you whom just have a normal day planned – be well and have a great day. Have a safe and very Merry Christmas season. And for those that do not celebrate Christmas, may whatever you do or do not celebrate this month – bring your life joy and happiness.



  1. Have a great day yourself from another person who avoids black friday.

  2. Thanks cruiser. I Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Keep safe today. The madness has already began—>

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