Posted by: thescoundrel | November 28, 2009

Less Ordinary 2009 Christmas Gift Tips

Edition 1 – Stuffed Animals

When buying for young girls and many women, especially so for young-at-heart women of all ages, I have found that stuffed animals often make great gifts. And when it comes to less ordinary gifts I have found adorable looking very small to oversized stuffed animals can be real attention grabbers. The final choice usually comes to down to balancing the woman’s style versus your pocketbook. Less ordinary gifts tip for the day– when the choice of oversized stuffed animals is the correct direction – forget having any beer money for a while! Also tip two for the day from an experienced purchaser– if you are lucky enough to find an oversized stuffed animal locally – buy it there and always, always take a bodyguard! While walking down the middle of a large superstore or mall, with your purchased treasure, does manage to make you popular with lovely ladies of all ages. It can be a dangerous trek from the store to your final destination, where you can secure the safety of your stuffed critter. These critters create some sort of hormone inducing effects that will make you the target of every female who secretly longs for a huggable $90 Giant Pink Rabbit, or that adorable and cuddly lifelike $250 Panda Bear (or whatever other lovable creature you have purchased) yet figures she is probably getting a toaster, iron or vacuum for Christmas from her honey. For that reason I highly recommend taking a big burly bodyguard along. I can testify from experience it is best for your personal safety. 😉 (Also, for my fellow “of the still clueless variety” males out there in Internet Land- toasters, irons, vacuums… non-personal items are not what your sweety is normally hoping for Christmas. For you guys, I highly recommend reading O. Henry’s “The Gift of the Magi”. It is a short story so it will not rob you of too much football time.)

Now you say you don’t want to spend megabucks for a less ordinary gift for your young daughter, lovely wife, sexy fiancée, wonderful mother/mother-in-law etc… Okay maybe you are understandably short on cash or like me have occasional outbreaks of Ebenezer Scrooge disease.  Well you can still find a very cute less ordinary stuffed animal gift without breaking the bank account over at build-a-bear. They won’t be Goliath, but they are very pleasing adorable creatures, which for a few dollars more you can choose from added extras that will make the critter less ordinary and more affectionate for the gift-receiver.

That’s all for this edition of theScoundrel’s less ordinary Christmas gift tips.



  1. That might work for most people but when I buy the wife roses or a stuffed animal I get accused of buying myself another car.

  2. LOL! Sounds like some sort of past guilt pattern!

    The interesting thing I have found over the years when it comes to gift giving is it is a lot like selling someone an item – you got to talk with them and qualify what their needs versus their wish list is and which is more important to them. And you rarely get a straight answer. People have a habit of stating practical desires while inside many are wishing for something more frivolous.

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