Posted by: thescoundrel | December 4, 2009

Less Ordinary Christmas Songs

In my last post I included a link to a nontraditional Christmas song that I happen to enjoy.  The song was “Merry Christmas to the Family“. I thought for the rest of the time between now and Christmas I would post some other links to less ordinary Christmas songs.  Some my have been hits others will probably just be music I come across, while touring the Internet.

Today I am posting a link to one of my all-time favorite less ordinary Christmas songs that was a famous Christmas hit some years back.  In fact a former WLLR disk jockey, Jack Daniels, locked himself in his booth and repeatedly played this song until management had to physically intervene. Daniels was despondent over his sidekick  leaving the station for greener pastures. And the stations listeners were treated to “Grandmother Got Run Over by a Reindeer” over and over and over again!

Today is 12/09/09. Well I have not had much time to update this post like I would have liked. The Christmas season activities and now a snow storm has kept me occupied. The snow got me sentimental for those early kid years when snow was just another toy and the only time when you were as poor as a church mouse that you got to eat loads of ice cream,  as we made it from the snow.  Still here is another addition, which I stumbled upon, to my list of non-traditional Christmas songs. The performance of this song posted on you- tube defintely made “White Trash Christmas” a new favorite of mine among less ordinary Christmas songs.


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